Liana’s Happy Feet Tie Dye Socks

Lianas Happy Feet

With great pleasure I would like to introduce our readers to Liana’s Happy Feet. If your looking for colorful socks from a great family business then look no further. Liana’s Happy Feet is your premier source for tie-dye socks and textile art creations for children of all ages!!

Founded in Mt Vernon, WA when paint was accidentally spilled on a counter and the only thing around to cleanup the mess where pair of children’s socks. After getting things tidied up Ed realized he had a cool looking pair of socks.

Lianas Happy Feet Rasta Baby Infant Crew

Lianas Happy Feet Rasta Baby Infant Crew

Lianas Happy Feet Deepsea Power Spots
Lianas Happy Feet Red Power Spots

Fast forward a few years and the socks can be found around the country on Widespread Panic and Phish tour and in proudly in my dresser drawer. If you really want o get goofy and have some fun these socks are highly recommend. Recently I wore mine to the Playboy Golf Tournament in Broomfield and the playmates were loving my tie-dyed look and to Phish at the 1STBANK Center where I was asked numerous times about my colorful socks.

All socks are handmade in the state of Washington with love, lots of it!! If your a sports fan see about having your teams color put on your own custom pair of socks.. As Liana’s Happy Feet says “Happy Feet ~ Happy People, we couldn’t agree more. If you can’t smile while wearing these socks not sure what to tell you.. Have fun, live outside the box.

P.S. If your from “The UP” ask for a 5% discount 🙂

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