Lib Tech Box Scratcher Snowboard Review

Lib Tech Box Scratcher Review

The Lib Tech Burtner Box Scratcher Snowboard was designed to maximize your fun and good times on snow. This board was crafted to transform the entire hill into your playground.

Lib Tech Box Scratcher Review

The Lib Tech Box Scratcher Snowboard is the pro model of Jess Burtner, it’s an all-mountain jib machine that can boost your enjoyment of any session, on any day, in any snow.  So whether you are pressing a box in the park, hand planting a log in the forest, slashing some slush at your buds, laying down think lines in the fluffy stuff, twerking in the pipe, or spinning and flipping off your favorite hit, this is the board that is going to make every single one of those activities easier and far more fun.

Original Banana Profile

All this is made possible thanks to the all-terrain freestyle banana rocker profile and true twin shape. That rocker between your feet and a moderate amount of tip pressure will enable you to enjoy catch-free turns, and Magne-Traction edges deliver superior hold even on ice.

A mild flex gives the Lib Tech Burtner Box Scratcher a high degree of versatility so that you can take it anywhere and expect the same consistently high performance. A Co Sintered base is not only nice and fast, but it’s also tougher than Sasquatch on steroids. That means you can beat it around the gnarliest terrain and features without worrying about blowing it out.

One of the most delightful elements is the Morning Wood core. Obviously, the name is fairly giggle-inducing, but when you really get down to it, the unique combo of strength, flex, and rigidity that it provides is actually quite impressive. Plus the Morning Wood material comes straight out of the Pacific Northwest, so you know it’s the good stuff.

Overall Impression

If all you do is hunt down backcountry powder, this is probably not your deck. If all your time is spent lapping the park, you might want a board that is slightly more fine-tuned for that kind of action. The lowdown is this: if you are searching for a shred stick that can accommodate you from the park to the peak and off the backside in the same day, and your primary focus is fun, look no further than the Lib Tech Burtner Box Scratcher ($499.95).

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