Lib Tech La Nina Snowboard Review

Lib Tech La Nina Review

The Lib Tech La Nina Matt Cummins MC C1-BTX is a directional all-mountain all-terrain stick.

Lib Tech has history as a snowboarding company. And when a historic company has teamed up with a professional snowboarder of the caliber of Matt Cummins for over two decades, then you know that their wares are going to be top-of-the-line. Introducing the 2015/2016 Lib Tech La Nina Snowboard made for crushing pow.

Since it’s a pow board, and Lib and names after storms that hammer the NW, I thought the only place I could truly test this board was Baker during a deep snow cycle. See how the La Nina Snowboard handled below :

Lib Tech La Nina Review

Lets see this is about perfect rocker between the feet with slight camber at the tip and tail! Matt has been designing boards for Lib Tech for over twenty years. In fact, his pro model is the longest continually-running pro model in snowboarding history. So you know before you even take off the plastic wrapping that anything created by him is awesome. Matt Cummins

As mentioned above, the Lib Tech La Nina is an all-mountain machine. It’s a directional freeride board that is most comfortable in the steep and deep powder of the back country. It also performs like a wizard in the most brutally icy conditions and even on the park or pipe. Though switch is slightly less intuitive than going downhill, the position is still comfortable enough to add into your lines.

The 2016 Lib Tech La Nina Snowboard sports Matt Cummins’ signature rocker camber profile. It places the rocker right between your boots with highly aggressive camber at the tail paving the way for control, pop, and suspension like you can’t even dream of. Flat, mild camber at front acts like a buoy for the board, giving it the float you need to stay on top of fresh, soft snow and have the time of your life.

La Nina Video

Special features are the name of the game as far as the La Nina is concerned, although they don’t stick out and attempt to steal the show. Each of the board’s high-performance extras is part of the whole package. No feature outshines any of the others. They all work together in perfect harmony. For example:

Magne-Traction steak knife technology x5 that turns ice into butter with its seven points of perfectly focused edge control and the southern-facing, heat-treated wood used in the board’s construction providing speed, pop, long life, and an eco-friendly appeal.

If you’re like me, you’re already dreaming of next seasons La Nina powder runs and lasting memories. Why not add a great new board like the Lib Tech La Nina into the mix and make your dreams come true.

There are no nightmares on this snowboard, only great memories of tearing up the slopes with your buddies. If you like powder, you will love the 2016 La Nina. Available in two sizes 159 cm, 162 cm

This board is no longer available from Lib Tech, checkout the Lib Tech Banana Magic Review for a snowboard you will surely love.

Lib Tech La Nina MC Snowboard
5 / 5 RATING      

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