Lib Tech Travis Rice Snowboard Review

T.Rice Pro C2-BTX HP Blunt-Tip Snowboard

I tested the insane Lib Tech Travis Rice Snowboard at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, and rumor has it Travis Rice actually designed this board around riding his home mountain and the surrounding backcountry in the Tetons.

Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro Review

It hadn’t snowed here in the Tetons in weeks so clearly when I took the T.Rice Pro out on my first lap conditions were sub-par at best. That being said the Lib Tech T.Rice Pro rode the entire mountain with ease, it was smooth sailing thanks to the C2-BTX and blend magne-traction.

Normally I would have bailed early on days like this but this board was able to make really shit snow feel fun. I was charging full speed, Mach 10 down groomers even icy ones and the Mag, always without fail was there to hook up when I needed it to.

Mervin Spec

This board will work in any conditions, in any local around the world. Find out how it held up for the remainder of my test :

Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro Review

This year’s Lib Tech T.Rice Pro C2-BTX Blunt-Tip Snowboard seemed to be one of the easiest boards to control that I have ever got to test. And I used to work at a snowboard shop and was sponsored for years so I have seen some board. Even brand new out of the wrapper the T.Rice Pro felt comfortable underfoot. I didn’t even mess with de-tuning the Magne-traction, it felt perfect from day 1.

Travis is a solid dude and needs a board that won’t wobble underfoot. I would say the T.Rice Pro C2-BTX Blunt-Tip Snowboard offers a medium to stiff flex with a ton of pop. Along with pop, thanks to the stiffer flex was very stable at high speeds. And surprisingly easy to ride even being a little on the stiff side.

I was going Mach-10 down the groomers and felt in control at all times even in the chunder variable snow thanks to the magne-traction. Again I will keep talking about the Mag as this is what Travis uses, this is what you should be using too. Just buy this board and you will be able to snowboard like Travis or not.

Overall Impression:

I can honestly say this is one of the best snowboards I have ever ridden. I probably charged the resort harder on this board than I had any other day all season. From the super fast base to mad pop it is outta control. When you add Basalt, Aspen, Palonia and other lively materials to the board you get just that a lively, playful fun snowboard to zip around any mountain you can find. Mountains have trees, this snowboard is made of trees, you following?

The Lib Tech T.Rice Pro Snowboard ($599.99) is the quiver killer of the year and could be my everyday board for Jackson Hole.

Plus this board has a freaking Bio Beans topsheet, win-win. Along with being nice to the environment this board supports local artist Mike Parillo Save the environment, buy a Lib.

Oh yeah less we forget, these snowboards are made in the USA (near Canada) by well, actual snowboarders. Go buy this board and thank us later!

Lib Tech T.Rice Pro C2-BTX Blunt-Tip
5 / 5 RATING      

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2011 King of the Hill 3rd Place finisher Scott Sheer can shred harder then you! Scott has lived in Mammoth, Squaw and now calls Jackson Hole Mountain Resort his home mountain.

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