Lowa Innox Evo Review

Lowa Innox Evo GTX Lo Shoe Review

I have been testing the LOWA Innox Evo GTX Lo Hiking Shoes for the past month here in the Tetons. Although it is designed and marketed as a hiking shoe, I have found the Innox works really well as a trail running shoe and even more so for running errands around town. You never know when you might want to go run up a mountain on your way to the grocery store.

LOWA Innox Evo GTX Lo Hiking Shoes Review

In the past I wore skateboard shoes around town, however knowing I can go on just about any adventure while wearing the LOWA Innox Evo GTX Lo shoes has made these my daily drivers for just about everything I do.

According to Lowa, the Innox Exo GTX is:

The next step in lightweight trail shoe design, this athletically-inspired style is a great all-around fitness shoe

Lowa Hiking Shoe GTX

I can’t agree more especially the part about being a great all-around fitness shoe. You can do just about everything while wearing these Hiking shoes, clearly, you can go hiking, trail running, biking, and even do some light climbing.

Are you the type of person that likes to hike or run near streams or in the rain? Rest assured the Innox Exo GTX from LOWA has you covered with a Waterproof GORE-TEX lining.

Lowas Innox Ebo GTX Lo

One of my favorite features of this hiking shoe is the way the tongue moves freely while mimicking the movement of your feet. There is the perfect amount of elasticity that keeps the tongue in place regardless of what direction the shoe is pointed.

Anytime I wear these shoes I have confidence in each and every step. Starting from the ground up the outsole is packed with burly tread, sort of like what you would find on a 4×4 off-road vehicle. The midsole is made with DynaPU and a MONOWRAP Frame, honestly I’m not too familiar with these technical terms, however from a user standpoint it feels like there are little air pockets to cushion each stride. Sort of like the old Nike Air’s.

DynaPU with MONOWRAP Frame Lowa Sole
The LOWA Innox Evo GTX Lo Hiking – Trail Running shoe comes in weighing 640g (1.4lb) which gives it just the right amount of weight and stability while at the same time offers a great flex, fit and overall feel.

Just about anyone reading this review would surely enjoy rocking a pair of LOWA shoes or boots, especially the LOWA Innox Evo GTX Lo Hiking Shoe ($175).

See you on the trail…

Lowa Innox Evo GTX Lo
Waiting for product details ...

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  1. That’s not even a review dude. Nothing about fit, durability, stability, traction on wet rock, nothing. Puff piece…

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      Miss this part “the outsole is packed with burly tread, sort of like what you would find on a 4×4 off-road vehicle….” “elasticity that keeps the tongue in place regardless” etc etc. Thanks for the comment. Great shoe want to write reviews for us? Fill out the contact form

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