Orvis Monomaster The Single Greatest Fishing Tool of All Time

Orvis Monomaster

Ladies and gentleman, I introduce you to the Monomaster. This simple tool winds your excess and unwanted fishing line neatly around a fibered axel thus saving thousands of pounds of fishing line from being tossed to the elements. If we seek to preserve our waterways and protect the species that captivate us around the clock this is just one simple way of doing just that.

Orvis Monomaster Review

We look to fishing guides as masters of catching fish, surveyors of the natural world, explorers, and great conservationists. Their livelihood depends on protecting the environment and continuing the reproductive cycle of fish that give great rivers their natural and wild populations. They certainly all should have a method for capturing discarded line.

You’re never going to find bits of fishing line in fisheries and hatcheries because that isn’t where we go to explore the wilds and catch wild trout. The places where we see discarded line are the same places that give us our inherent feeling to be wild, our passion for catching (and releasing) wild fish.

Every fisherman reading this has at one time seen a pile of line wrapped around a branch in the middle of a beautiful rifle, or noticed a wooly bugger hanging, almost invisibly, from a high elm in the backcast of a perfect swing. These moments hurt because I know they are preventable. Go out and buy an Orvis Monomaster ($14.95)

Orvis Monomaster
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