Montane Fireball Verso Pull-On Jacket Review

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The changing of the seasons is not an ok excuse to stop your daily running routine. Sure you might not be able to go romp around on your favorite dirt trails once the snow starts to fall but with the right gear and timing, you can easily continue to run throughout the year. One piece of gear that stands out for running in the mountains is the Montane Fireball Verso Pull-On mid layer.

I have been testing this jacket on and off for the past couple months and wanted to give some feedback on how it performs, what I liked and didn’t and some info on the brand.

Montane Fireball Verso Review

I’m going to start with what I really love about this piece, and it all comes down to the material PERTEX® Quantum Rip-stop. PERTEX is hands down some of the best material I have ever worn to help block wind and cold weather conditions.

Now you might be thinking what the heck is a PERTEX? In the past year, two of the most versatile pieces of outerwear we have reviewed (Outdoor Research Cathode & Montane Fireball) have been made with this incredible windproof material. Wind on your skin = cold no matter what mountains you play in.

Another unique feature on the Verso Pull-On is the fact that you can actually wear the piece inside out. Flipping this mid layer inside out will not only change the color but the actual material that is being exposed to the atmosphere. Now you can utilize HYPERVENT fabric which according to Montane enhances breathability when working up a sweat.

Personally, I was not aware of this until I wrote the review, so I will surely flip this inside out for my next run.

Now some of the things on this jacket (I said jacket instead of mid layer however this is sort of an in-between piece) that I am not as stoked on are as follows. Lack of pockets, there are no pockets on the outside when using the PERTEX side out, however, there is one small check pocket once you flip the jacket around exposing the HYPERVENT material.

Even though this piece is breathable, I tend to always like to have pit zips of some sort. However as mentioned in a previous review, this may just be something we need to learn how to get used to. The material is so breathable you don’t even need pit zips. Tell that to a few of your touring friends, see what the think.

Montane Fireball Verso Stock

Times are changing and there are some incredible new fabrics and materials being dumped into our world. Montane seems to be an industry leader in utilizing these new technologies. As we push farther and deeper into the mountains we will need our gear to be able to keep up as well.

Words like PERTEX and HYPERVENT will become synonymous with Gore-Tex and Primaloft. Speaking of Primaloft this piece even has that too!

Not only is the Montane Fireball Verso Pull-On ($150) perfect for trail running, but this piece would also work really well for bike rides and I plan to utilize the HYPERVENT while touring this winter here in the Tetons.

Even if this piece isn’t for you my advice, pick up something from Montane. You will be as stoked, as I surely am!

Montane Fireball Verso
4 / 5 RATING      

Waiting for product details ...

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