Mountainsmith Trekker FX Monopod Hiking Staff

Trekker FX Monopod Review

If you’re looking to get as far away as possible from anything domesticated, you need gear that’s light and loves to travel. The Mountainsmith Trekker FX monopod adjustable hiking pole is exactly that.

The next time you head up some backcountry, leave the annoying and bulky tripods and mono-pods at home. The Trekker FX doubles as a lightweight camera mono-pod, perfect for setting yourself up for great nature photography.

It’s one of those simple ideas that we love to see. There’s Nothing high-tech here. No bells and whistles, and it doesn’t even light up. But, unscrew the EVA top handle and you’ll find a hidden an SAE male bolt, which as any photographer knows, holds most cameras, both consumer and non-consumer.

If you’re not a fan of using a hiking pole, this could still be your product. The Trekker FX has got 3 telescoping aluminum sections, making it a breeze to throw it in your hiking pack.

With a fraction of the weight of any other professional monopod, this could replace some of your photography gear whether you’re hiking or not.

Mountainsmith Trekker FX Monopod Review

There is a slight drawback that comes with having lightweight gear. You’ve got to have a lightweight camera. The Trekker FX is only really meant to handle cameras up to three pounds, so if you’ve got the latest eighteen pound DSLR, then this probably isn’t for you (Though, with an eighteen-pound camera, you could probably use a good hiking pole).

If they made it handle any more, it’d be as bulky as your current monopod, so we’re happy to see some compromise here. Additionally, The quick twist locking works as well as some of our favorite trekking poles.

Giving it a quick test in the woods, we picked up on a lot of little features that we didn’t notice on first glance that might be valuable to photographers. The carbide tips are very useful for photographers with monopods.

With the weight and movement that you put on a monopod, the carbide is certainly going to prevent some of the wear that would normally come with leaning from side to side.

The anti-shock absorption works quite well, whether you’re hiking or shooting. It’ll smooth out some of your shots if you’re quick to move around a lot, like most mono-pod photographers.

If you’re a fan of the snowy backcountry and this looks like your thing, make sure to grab the snow baskets or you’ll be walking and hiking in deep snow. The Mountainsmith Trekker FX Monopod Hiking Staff only comes with hiking baskets.

All in all, this is one of those toys that photographers would love to have. While we’ve seen plenty of ways to mount your camera to your hiking or ski pole, we think the Mountainsmith Trekker FX MonoPad ($29.95) is a certainly worthwhile investment for an avid photographer who wants to be lighter on their feet.

Mountainsmith Trekker FX
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