Muck Boot Men’s Arctic Excursion Mid Snow Boot Review

Muck Boot Arctic Excursion

I wanted to highlight one crucial piece of gear that comes with me just about every time I walk out the front door when the weather is nasty.

I had the pleasure of trying a pair of Muck Arctic Excursion Mid Boots over the past 5 months, find out how they performed in the Tetons via our review below.

Muck Boot Arctic Excursion Review

If you have spent time living in the mountains most likely you’ve seen a pair of Muck Boots running around town. Typically people rocking Muck Boots will be found walking in puddles, deep snow and mud you name it without missing a beat.

Earlier this winter I was leaving the grocery store and an older lady came up and stopped me to compliment me on my boots? Honestly, this was the first that has ever happened, I started to wonder what she was talking about. Turns out she knew the boots, knew how waterproof they were and more importantly she was aware of how messy the streets and sidewalks in town had become after a mid-winter thaw.

“Those are smart boots young man”

I agree Muck Boots are smart indeed, especially considering just how darn warm and comfortable the Arctic Excursion boot is to wear around town and you can easily drive in these boots even over long distances. The only time I slipped and fell on the ice this winter is when I was NOT wearing my Muck Boots, a mistake I plan to never repeat again.

Muck Boots offers a boot sizing guide on their website, normally I wear a 10.5 in boots and shoes, however with the Muck Boots I rounded up to a size 11 which was just about perfect. I still had room to wiggle my toes and never felt any slippage in the heel.

Best of all these boots are so freaking easy to slip on and off. If you find yourself walking into your house with bags full of groceries and muddy boots, whatcha going to do? Simply slide the Muck Arctic Excursion Boot off and leave them by the door, odds are likely these will be the first and last pair of boots you ever grab before heading out into mucky (hey there’s a pun) weather.

Overall Impression

If I could wear the Muck Arctic Excursion Boot ($179.99) year-round, I would. Luckily they also make other boots and shoes that will work in the warmer months too. One of my favorites is the Excursion Pro Low $94.99 outdoor slip-on shoe.

Regardless of your footwear needs, Muck Boots has got you covered.

Muck Arctic Excursion Mid
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