Muck Boots Men’s Pursuit Supreme Hunting Boot Review

Muck Pursuit SupremeNick testing the Muck Pursuit Supreme Hunting Boots | Photo Mountain Weekly News

The Muck Boot Company prides itself in making quality waterproof boots for wet and messy conditions. These boots serve a purpose and serve it well. The Muck Pursuit Supreme is a lightweight, fully insulated, laceless boot with aggressive treads for muddy and snowy conditions.

Hunting Boots

They are ideal for hunting out of a tree stand, blind or in moderately difficult terrain. Although they are advertised as an all-terrain boot, they are not ideal for long hikes or traversing harsh and steep terrain. A boot with laces is much more appropriate for those applications because it is not possible to make a laceless boot that won’t have some amount of foot movement that would lead to blisters. The real purpose of the Muck Pursuit Supreme is keeping feet dry and warm. This is where the boot excels.


The Muck Boots men’s Pursuit Supreme Hunting Boot is built with 5mm CR flex-foam insulation makes these boots perfect for long waits in a tree stand or blind. When the company says that the Pursuits are waterproof, they mean it. They are basically the bottoms of a pair of high-quality waterfowl hunting waders, but much more comfortable. Waterfowlers will find these boots very useful for certain conditions that are wet but not deep enough water to necessitate waders.

For colder temperatures, we recommend the Muck Arctic Collection.  Take a look at our picks for the best mens winter mountain boots.

Overall Impression

The aggressive tread on the Pursuits sticks to soggy ground and snow. They are easy to put on and take off and the Mossy Oak Camo ($204.99) is a nice touch for sportsmen. Also, for deer, elk and bear hunters concerned with leaving scent walking into and out of a tree stand or blind, these boots are easier to clean and hold and leave less scent than a standard leather hiking boot.

For those in the market for a dry and warm boot that performs in the worse conditions, the Muck Pursuit Supremes ($119) are a fine choice.

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