Native Eyewear Treeline Goggle Review

Native Treeline Goggle with Rose Lens

I’m still waiting for someone, anyone — perhaps the craftiest of our friends in China — to come out with a goggle lens that won’t scratch, but — until the day our society advances past planned obsolescence — the Native Treeline Goggles with reactive lens has all the features I’m looking for in a resort, backcountry, and snowmobile goggle.

Native Wide Angle Lens

The Native Eyewear Treeline Goggles have an exceptionally big, wide-angle lens that barely blocks any of my peripheral or vertical vision.  The reactive lens works well at various temperatures and seems properly calibrated to changing sun/shade conditions.  It makes carrying extra lenses and changing lenses in the backcountry unnecessary.  The rose tint is a time tested storm and low light lens trusted by many riders.  The grey tint feels more like a dark purplish-blue to my eye, and it provides great clarity and adequate sun protection on full bluebird days.  In all light conditions, the colors and shadows really pop wearing these. On a sunny day, it’s kind of fun pulling the goggles out of their case and watching them transition from pink to a mirrored grey.

Skier in Goggles on Bluebird Day in the Mountains

I found that the fluted face foam and hydrophobic lens help keep them from fogging up, even while traveling uphill.  Overall, I’d say these goggles have a modern, minimalist, aggressive, and intimidating style.  The Native Treeline goggles come with a high-quality semi-rigid case and a decent goggle bag.  My only gripe with these goggles — aside from being, like all goggles, scratchable — is that the goggle bag could be slightly bigger for ease of use.  I have another set of Native goggles with a smaller lens that came with an identical goggle bag, and it can take a little effort to slide the larger Treeline goggles into the bag, but it’s certainly not a deal-breaker.

Overall Impression

These Native Treeline Goggles with reactive lens are just about sold out this year for a reason.  I think that reactive lenses are definitely the future of quality goggle design.  All in all, the Native Treeline ($170.00) is a great pair of goggles.

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