Native Eyewear Upslope Goggle Review

Riding Gondola Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

My first opinion on the Native Upslope Goggles was, really a full-framed goggle? I haven’t ridden full-framed goggles since frameless goggles came on the scene.  Would these goggles actually work for my style of hard-charging?

Native Upslope Goggles Review

The first day I tried the Native Upslope Goggles out the snow guns were blowing snow to enhance that white ribbon of death. Typically, when you wear a frameless, it almost feels as if you get a little bit of air coming through them, especially at speed.

These had none of that happening. I was pleasantly surprised by making the switchback to full-framed goggles.

The only downside is it took me a while to figure out how to swap the lenses out.  Normally it’s done in under a minute the Native’s took about 3 minutes to get dialed in.

There is a lifetime guarantee on Native Goggles and the face foam is even hypoallergenic.

Overall Impression

I don’t think anyone would be disappointed with purchasing these. All in all the Native Upslope Google ($129) is a solid deal that comes boxed in a really nice hard case as well as an extra cushy goggle bag. Taking care of your goggles and lenses is something we tend to overlook. Along with the case the Native Upslope Goggle offers 2 lenses, one for low light and s black universal lens

Happy Shredding!

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Native Eyewear Upslope Goggle

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