Never Summer Cobra Snowboard Review

Never Summer Cobra Snowboard

Interestingly enough the Never Summer Cobra snowboard actually started out as a true twin tip snowboard. Over time, however, the tweaks and additions that went into it led to its present directional twin design.

Find out how the Never Summer Cobra performed here in the Pacific Northwest during a fat el Nino winter :

Never Summer Cobra Review

Cobras are dangerous, venomous animals that can strike like lightning at a moment’s notice. The Never Summer Cobra Snowboard is no different. While it’s not venomous, it is a dangerous and lightning-quick stick that allows you to strike with all the deadly skill and accuracy of one of the world’s most aggressive snakes.

Thanks to a drawn-out nose the Cobra is able to really cut through the soft snow. The rounded tail keeps this thing afloat and just never really allows this board to sink too deep. No powder? No problem. (should have moved up here to Baker for the year.) The Never Summer Cobra snowboard slices and sticks to the ice like it’s the freshest of fresh powder to hardpack, groomers, moguls if that’s your sort of thing are no match for this board.

One of my favorite things to do between storms on this board was to go rip groomers at Stevens and Crystal Mountain.

And when it hasn’t been snowing up here Northwest conditions can go to shit quick. This ain’t Colorado with your 300 days of sunshine to soften the snow. We either are riding powder or wet firm hard pack snow with zero forgiveness. Why do you think everyone here likes Mag-traction boards?

That’s changing though as Never Summer is really gaining a market share up here, especially at Baker. The Cobra’s boards sidecut can hold on edge on ice and slick groomers, this has made for fun zipping around the resort when conditions are sub par.

That alone is worth buying this snowboard.

Never Summer Cobra Video

In addition to a directional design, the Cobra features a slight setback stance. With this setback stance, it increases the directional feel of the snowboard and further enhances float, power, and precision. The board’s dual top and bottom carbon matrix is a genius touch. For the most part, I like to always ride powder boards in the back seat so this was nice to see the inserts as such.

The Extended transition zones found on the Cobra allows the camber a chance to grip into the snow, your confidence making high speed turns in steep terrain just came back thanks to Never Summer. Think about the Never Summer mountains and the big 14,000 foot peaks they ride and test these boards on in Colorado.

Camber extends from each food to the transition areas of the board to increase edge control and provide more pop than a needle hitting a balloon.

I have to think this would make a great snowboard for riding in Alaska (although I have not gone yet) the Cobra increases power between my feet and the snow, is really fast and rocks? What rocks this thing features NS tried and true durability.

An important part of any high-performing all-mountain snowboard is a great rocker/camber profile. The Cobra comes out swinging with a very aggressive profile best suited for high level intermediate to expert riders.

Overall Impression

Though it is definitely an aggressive board for aggressive and confident riders, you don’t need to be a snake charmer to master the Cobra Snowboard. Never Summer’s Cobra has such an intuitive and fun feel that it’s easy to get used to after only a quick ride.

Whether you’re planning on bombing through powder or sticking to fast manicured groomed slopes, the Never Summer Cobra is a solid investment.

It’s most comfortable as an all-mountain board but it can honestly handle anything that you want it to handle.

The Never Summer Cobra is no longer being made, instead, they have the Ripsaw available.   Learn more in my Never Summer Rispaw Review.

Never Summer Cobra Snowboard
5 / 5 RATING      

Waiting for product details ...

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