Never Summer Evo Snowboard Review

2016 Never Sumemr Evo

Without much thought or effort the Never Summer Evo made my park riding look much better then it really is.

Find out how the Never Summer Evo Snowboard board held up in the Rockies on hot laps through the park and in deep snow throughout the Rockies.

Never Summer Evo Review

I will be fully honest, I have been riding Never Summer snowboards on and off for the past 10+ years. After falling in love with the Never Summer Funslinger I was hesitant to ever ride anything else. Especially in the park.

This year’s Never Summer Evo was designed for hot laps through the park, as it’s one of the lightest boards on the market. I felt myself going higher, further and farther then I have before when hitting jumps. Best of all my confidence was pinging as I strapped in for each lap. And I’m not a park rat by any means these days, especially at 35 years young (with numerous hardware throughout my body)…

Never Summer boards have a trend in common as of late, they have all started to become lighter and lighter over the years while maintaining their structural durability and most importantly the board’s integrity. A decade ago these were not only the strongest boards on the market, but they were also known as some of the heaviest and clunk boards. 10 years ago that was fine but today everyone is about being light and fast.

Never Summer in Las Vegas

Don’t worry man (they’re still strong) that being said Never Summer Industries are making diverse boards that are not just made for riding big mountain lines throughout the Rockies anymore which Never Summer really corned that market. Never Summer snowboard can help you excel in the pipe and park too. And just about anywhere you allow this board to take you for that matter.

Just look at all the kids placing on the podium in park and pipe comps as of late, one thing in common Never Summer. Or go zip around the park in Summit County Colorado. What are the hardcore chargers, or the RDTM dudes running, Never Summer boards? The Evo/Revolver has always been a favorite among the park and pipe crew so this is nothing new. However, more and more people are starting to find out this board can not only crush the park but much more.

The Never Summer Evo 4.0 is not just a “park” snowboard…

Mike jibbing pow on the 2016 Never Summer Evo Photo Ben Koelker | Mountain Weekly News

Mike jibbing pow a Never Summer Evo Photo Ben Koelker | Mountain Weekly News

Never Summer rates the Evo a 3 out of 10 for flex with 10 being the stiffest. This board is soft so if you want to go flying down a big mountain steep hardpack line, check out some of the other boards NS is making that are better suited for that style of riding.

2016 Never Summer Evo Snowboard

2016 Never Summer Evo Snowboard

To be honest I can’t stand riding powderboards at resorts. Even on the best powder days I still like to jib around and this board makes the entire mountain your bitch.

The Evo has great response and is very easy maneuver. The board has just the right flex for spinning and popping 270’s onto boxes and rails. Truly this is a jib board first and foremost.

Buttering on the Evo is rad too especially with that soft flex, it feels like cheating when riding the Never Summer Evo.

Never Summer Evo Video

How does the Evo Jib?

Never Summer’s Press Flex Core makes jibbing effortless, especially compared to some of the other boards in the Never Summer line. What makes the Evo unique is its easy riding and very forgiving. As mentioned above the board would roll from edge to edge without any hesitation.

I found myself trying new tricks and spins and at 35 years old which was very unexpected.

My level of riding and control were through the roof while boking around on the Evo. To get all hippie for a second I felt very in tune with this snowboard. It’s sort of like hanging with an old best friend, and old x-girlfriend (the slutty kind) you just inherently know what to do, what to say and how to act.

At times this board was actually like “hey bud, let me show you how to be a better snowboarder…” With that in mind, although the Evo is marketed as a park board, I feel this would make an amazing beginner snowboard as it’s very very very forgiving.

The board doesn’t suck. Never Summer Evo is loaded with pop. Even the smallest airs become massive hits with a little bit of loading of the tail. Riding down the sides of cat tracks has become uber fun again, especially when you pair this board with a pair of soft surfy bindings like the NOW’s.

When you jump on the Evo you may find yourself going not fall line but across the mountain in search of every hit imaginable.

Being a true twin tip snowboard designed for park and pipe the Evo can be ridden in any direction. I had some of the best days in the park of my life on this board. If you ride park you need this board for your quiver. 270’s butters, board slides, 180’s 360’s all came with easy and it made me feel like I was a kid again.

To quote John Bell of Widespread Panic “In my mind a felt like a child, and it felt good…”

Evo Specs
Evo Spec

Top to bottom the Evo can handle it all with a leaning towards jibs, jibs, and more jibs. That being said, find some lumber to play on as jib wood, not metal. What are the gnarliest dudes riding at your local resort? There is a good chance they’re rocking a Never Summer Snowboard.

At the end of the day, I was impressed as I thought the Never Summer Evo would only be suited for park riding but it really held it own floating in the deep untracked snow. The Never Summer Evo is a solid investment (currently on sale for $407) for a go to all around snowboard for resort riding. Especially if you tend to hit the park each lap.

Be sure to demo a Never Summer Evo Snowboard before they sell out for the season. This board is amazing and is guaranteed to be hard to find late in the year.

Check out our Never Summer West Review from Jackson Hole for a stiffer all mountain charger.

Never Summer Evo
5 / 5 RATING      

Waiting for product details ...

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