Never Summer Raven Snowboard Review

Never Summer Raven

Introducing The New Never Summer Raven, All-Mountain Snowboard for Women from Never Summer Industries. Responding to popular demand, Never Summer Industries introduces the new Carbonium Raven.

Find out how this board worked for me down here in the SW riding park and groomers around Arizona in my Never Summer Raven review.

The Never Summer Raven is one of the most technologically advanced all-mountain snowboard designed to provide the highest performance for women ever created by Never Summer.

Never Summer Raven Review

2016 Never Summer Raven Snowboard

Made with Superlight Wood Core and Carbonium Laminate Technology, it’s engineered for unmatched carve-ability and the smoothest ride for your money. As long as you are willing to put this board on edge or let it go flat on the base it won’t really chatter (bounce up and down) much. Just keep in mind it demands respect.

Never Summer Raven Splitboard

2016 Never Summer Raven Splitboard

For the rest of you backcountry babes and big mountain chargers, keep reading.

Don’t be scared of a Raven though, this board lends a softer mid-flex with power and stability underfoot, the Raven delivers if you commit.

The Never Summer Raven is an all-terrain board that glides over powder and gives you the most stable ride even in the most aggressive situations. The nose is a bit enhanced and drawn out for a super snappy responsive AGGRESSIVE shred stick.

Never Summer makes the top men’s snowboards on the market and now we can easily say that Never Summer also makes the best women’s snowboards on the planet! Thank you, Never Summer, for listening to our needs and allowing ladies to run specific boards that are amazing and not a Mans board..

Sisters, if you charge, if you like to go fast this is a serious snowboard to consider. Funny I have even seen a couple dudes rocking this board, it’s legit. However, if you are just starting out or looking for something a little more forgiving, be sure to read my Never Summer Infinity Review.

Never Summer Raven Snowboard
4.5 / 5 RATING      

Waiting for product details ...

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Brittany Artwohl
Brittany is an Arizona native, a female skateboarder and music junkie for the past 13 years.

3 Comments on "Never Summer Raven Snowboard Review"

  1. Like Barbara I have a question concerning the Never Summer Infinity versus the Raven. I’m really torn between the boards and not sure what I would prefer to ride. I’m not a huge park rider, but I do like to venture in and hit some jumps, boxes and the pipe. This would seem to indicate I should go with the Infinity. However, I ride with mostly all guys and want to be able to keep up with them especially as I am an already aggressive rider, this would indicate I should go with the Raven board. I love glade runs, steep blacks, and I definitely hit the moguls. I ride mostly on the East coast and take some trips up North to Vermont and Maine with the occasional trip out West to CO/UT. Which board would you recommend for me?

  2. what is the differance between the raven and infinity boards?

    • Barbara,

      We spoke to Vince at Never Summer in product development and he had this to say about the two boards “The Raven is a stiffer, more aggressive all mountain board for a women who wants the upmost stability at speed whereas the Infinity is a bit softer and more forgiving all mountain freestyle board for the ladies who want to occasionally venture into the park.”

      – All the ladies we have seen using these boards seem to really love them, including our testers! – Mike

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