Never Summer Ripsaw Snowboard Review

Big Mountain Snowboard

The Never Summer Ripsaw Snowboard employs this rocker camber technology from the original source. Find out how this board performed in the legendary terrain around the Tetons.

Never Summer Ripsaw Profile

Reverse camber works great for floating in powder, and camber excels when riding big mountain lines that require you to hold your edge onto steep slopes. The two blend together to create a dream board for big mountain riders in the Never Summer Ripsaw.

So what makes this board different from past models? The Never Summer Ripsaw puts enhanced (longer and deeper) camber areas underfoot. It features the same basic profile as the RC tech, with the enhanced deep camber transitions that go to rocker past the binding inserts.

I tested the Never Summer Ripsaw during a recent storm cycle that saw 40” of snow. The board floated great in snow that was boot deep and kept us afloat in those nipple deep days we all live for.

I set the Ripsaw stance up in the backseat and never had problems with digging the nose of the board into the snow.

For anyone that likes to ride big mountain lines fast, the Never Summer Ripsaw is hands down the best big mountain snowboard I tested this season. It really stood out from other boards in getting from point A to point B across the mountain.

Advanced All Mountain Snowboard

The deep camber edges felt strong while traversing on icy, wind-packed slopes, and never felt washy while railing into high-speed turns. Once a line was set, the board locked in and went into autopilot.  This became a problem toward the end of the day as our legs got tired. You really need to have some muscle in your legs to power the Ripsaw down the mountain. Read: this is not a board for beginners.

With a brand-new board, you may be hesitant to send it on day one. Luckily, knowing that their R&D team likes to ride hard, we wasted no time in taking the Never Summer Ripsaw off every cliff insight. From takeoff to landing, it always felt solid underfoot. It had great pop when airing out over rocks and always wanted to land flat and straight.

If you’re a park rider looking for a soft board to jib and butter around the hill, the Ripsaw is not for you. However, it handled everything we could throw in its path on the mountain and in the backcountry. This included logs, jumps, cliffs and lots of deep snow.

3 Year Warranty

Never Summer Industries offer a 3-year limited warranty on all their boards. Anyone that has ever ridden one can attest to the fact that these boards are virtually bulletproof. Even with 40” of fresh snow and an 80” base, there were still rocks and shark fins lurking during our test. More than once we heard the screech and crunch of the board hitting buried rocks.

After each lap, however, we were pleasantly surprised to see almost no damage at all. There were a few scratches on the base that can be easily tuned. These are much easier to repair than deep core shots, which would have surely turned up on some other big-name boards we tested this season. If your resort is rocky, take a look at what others are riding. Odds are, you are going to see a lot of Never Summer boards.

Overall Impression

With the stability of camber underfoot, and the float of reverse camber, the Never Summer Ripsaw is a rock-solid solution that offers the best of both worlds. This snowboard would be best ridden by people that ride hard, have a little bit of extra weight on them, and know-how to control a snowboard in all conditions.

For experienced big mountain riders heading to Alaska this spring, a serious must-have for your quiver is a Never Summer Ripsaw ($549.99).

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Mike Hardaker
Mike Hardaker grew up surfing and snowboarding in Orange County and followed his love of surfing to Hawaii before eventually moving to the mountains to concentrate on snowboarding. He went on to found Mountain Weekly News based in Jackson, Wyoming.

2 Comments on "Never Summer Ripsaw Snowboard Review"

  1. Yes, NS is the real deal! Living in CO I see these boards everywhere and honestly was content riding GNU or Arbor but I caved! I ended up getting myself the SL at the end of last season for a killer deal. Additionally, here in CO we got buried at the end of the season and that’s when I took the SL out to see what all the fuss was about regarding their boards. WOW! This board is all that and some. Amazing edge hold, incredibly responsive, soooo poppy, light, and fast! I am hooked now on NS and see why they are killing it. I have ridden every big brand board out there and the SL by far is my favorite board. Now I just need to figure out what will be my next NS board 😉

    Great review too on the Ripsaw.

    • Brandon,

      It’s interesting to see how each part of the country uses different snowboards. When I moved to Colorado way back when I quickly realized that Never Summer was Favorited by the locals as the boards were literally bullet proof. Made for riding blower pow over sharp rocks 🙂 NS builds, test and rides their boards in Colorado. Enough Said???

      As for the SL, I really enjoyed riding the splitboard version. So playful –

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