Never Summer West Snowboard Review

2016 Never Summer Aura and Never Summer West Photo Ben Koelker | Mountain Weekly News

The Never Summer West is an all-mountain ripper new to the lineup. I got a chance to ride it last season and see if it would live up to its name.  Never Summer designed the West Snowboard with gnraly terrain in mind.

Never Summer West Review

The Never Summer West felt lively and light as I powered through each turn. The low profile tip sliced through the deep snowmaking for a super-fast ride in pow. This was noticeable right off the bat.

Soren McCarty of the Mountain Weekly News about to drop into a fun line on the 2016 Never Summer West Photo Ben Koelker

The lightweight construction makes it really easy to whip around the Never Summer West. Once I hit the groomers I was able to lay some carves down and see how it performed. The Never Summer Ripsaw Rocker Profile holds an edge extremely well throughout each turn.

Never Summer West Video

Conditions on the test day were optimal with 18” of new snow, sunny skies, and fresh corduroy. I was riding a 154cm with my stance set back 1” from the center. My first run on Casper Bowl was untracked and knee-deep. I typically ride a setback directional board, so I was a little out of my element at first. In reality, I would have done better on the 156cm or 159cm West in these conditions.

Despite being on a 154 with only a slight set back stance, the board managed to stay afloat. Personally, I think it’s a little bit too snappy and stiff for the park.

I would size the board close to your powder set up. At 155 lbs and 5’8” I’d go with the 156. I felt like I was carving on a 160 cambered board with tuned edges.

Overall Impression

Overall I was very impressed with the Never Summer West. Sending cliffs, flying through powder, or bombing groomers: this board is ideal for aggressive riders who demand a lot from their equipment. The Ripsaw Rocker profile puts an aggressive camber under the feet which allows the board to carve so well.

The brand new Never Summer West ($569.99) leans towards big mountain / all-mountain terrain.

Never Summer West Snowboard

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Hunter Swanson
Hunter Swanson lives in Jackson Hole, Wyoming where he teaches snowboarding.

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  1. Hi there,

    You reviewed both the Never Summer West and the Type Two. Which one did you prefer and why? Thanks in advanced for any info you can provide. Trying to decide between these two boards

    • Alvaro,

      Thanks for the message, I have not personally ridden the West. Hunter reviewed that one earlier this year. I did review the Type Two and for me and my style of riding (light and surfy) the Type Two is the best snowboard I have ever ridden hands down. What style of terrain do you ride, whats your height and weight?

      • Hey there,

        Thanks for the reply. I live in California so I ride at Lake Tahoe. Pretty much resort all mountain riding. Not much of a park rat but like looking for jumps on the way down. I currently ride a Never Summer Cobra that I’ve had for about 3 years but looking to try something new. I’m close to 5’9 and about 148 pounds. I saw your video of riding the Type Two in deep pow and that was crazy. Thanks again!

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