Niche Story Snowboard Review

niche story snowboard review

Lithe and nimble for featherweight freestyle maneuvering yet with enough firmness for all-mountain riding, the Niche Story Snowboard has a slight directional mold but feels like a twin tip board.

Find out how this Niche board held up to Crested Butte’s legendary terrain :

Niche Story Review

To start the Niche Story Snowboard has a grooved sliding surface, slight depressions impressed into the base, similar to the exterior casing of a golf ball to dispel water and hence give it an extra smooth and fast glide. Its glide sound is different from other boards: a lighter, softer shishing and phishing that accompanies the fluid, highly controllable ride under your feet.

The board is also designed with the construction of green materials.

The Story has curtailed weight but maintained a medium stiffness and strong pop. It is an ideal board for improving the height of your ollie but will still hold a solid edge on sketchy terrain or on a big mountain line. It is the perfect weight for any level of freestyle snowboarders working on spins or jibbing.

Niche Snowboards Flex

The Story has a medium stiffness, perhaps a 6 out of 10 with 10 being the stiffest board in the workshop. It holds edges on all terrain and at high speeds and can bomb any powder-draped line the mountain offers. It is actually a bit easier to flex than most freeride boards making it optimal for throwing some buttering, jibbing, wall rides and bonks into your free ride.

With its lightweight the Story is great for varying turn shapes, either wide, arcing carves, or short nose pivots on steeps or in trees. It is designed with regular camber but transitions unhindered and smoothly between edges. The slippery smooth base adds excitement to turning on runs that normally wouldn’t be as exciting.

If the Story were a military vehicle it would be the fighter jet. It is highly agile and has very instant and precise responsiveness. It’s very easy to carve, skid turns, slide, manual, butter, pop, and spin. Its control makes it an ideal board for any level of rider from beginner to advanced.

Light as a hummingbird’s feather and as super poppy as a trampoline, the Story comes ready to be given flight. Popping underfoot or ollieing or nollieing off the tip or tail is very comfortable and stable. One can lower their stance for the jump and feel the power of their balance beneath them and then pop the maneuver to send the board drifting into a float that seems to slow time so the rider may feel the entirety of their tricks ride.

Although slightly directional, the board feels like a twin tip due to its lightweight. It is perfect for learning switch or for progressing switch freestyle maneuvers.

Overall Impression:

This stick is ready to be commanded at your will for whatever your snow-sliding, gravity-defying fantasies may be. A solid choice from a committed company, it is a smooth enjoyable ride.

Its effective base design is slippery and a tad daunting to get used to. It seems the board cannot reach a terminal velocity, that it becomes charged at high speeds and continues to multiply its velocity.

The Niche Story Snowboard ($499) is a blast to ride and will guarantee you continue to progress your skills.

Niche Story Snowboard

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