Ashbury Kaleidoscope Goggle Review

Ashbury Kaleidoscope

The Tetons blessed us once again by laying down a think carpet of creamy butter pow that polishes off the rough and jagged edges of the most wicked looking terrain this side of the moon. Stoke level is at an all time high and I’m ready to spend the next eight or so hours in glee filled delight riding my face off. I strap on my $300 goggles with the cool rainbow effect lenses that pleases my contemporaries to no end whenever they gaze in my direction. Reality sets in when I realize the crown jewel of my setup has fog trapped between the lenses and the anti glare coating is peeling off and blistered. They’re completely trashed and there’s no time as my crew is quickly strapping up and dropping in, so I pull out a spare: the Ashbury Kaleidoscope goggles.

I tear off the old goggles, now not worth the space they’re taking up and strap the new ones on easily and securely. They don’t cause any compatibility problems with my helmet even though so many others do which makes little sense considering its one of the most popularly used pieces of head gear in the snow sport industry. I take off at a blistering rate after my buddies who are disappearing into the trees in puffs of cold smoke.

ashbury kaleidoscope goggles in the field

What happens next is your typical day on the hill. Charging, shredding, laughing and carving. I don’t even notice the change in eye-gear while dropping pillows, boulders, cliffs and anything else we can find. Which means they’re not fogging up or getting a powder build up from endless face shots. They stayed on well too, initiating them into the club with a well placed tomahawk. Later in the day when light goes flat, clouds move in and visibility gets low I could still make out enough detail to avoid knee jolting bumps and spine crunching moguls.

Overall Impression

The Kaleidoscopes started out as a backup, but quickly became my go to. They perform in every and all situations without an afterthought. If you like no fuss no muss -low frills gear with excellent performance, definitely check these out. The price range is hard to beat as well at $60 – $70 US dollars, it won’t leave your shred budget on the terrain park rails. Ride on!

Ashbury Kaleidoscope Goggle
4.5 / 5 RATING      

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