The North Face Triarch 2 Person Tent Review

North Face Triarch 2 Tent ReviewTesting The North Face Triarch 2 Tent in Grand Teton National Park | Photo Mike Hardaker Mountain Weekly News

The North Face Triarch 2 Tent, is perhaps the roomiest 2 person tent we tested this year.  What makes the Triarch 2 Tent stand out from the competition is it’s a double-door entry, ample floor space and even more room to store gear via the tents double vestibules.

The North Face Triarch 2 Tent Review

The North Face Triarch 2 Tent

The North Face Triarch 2 Pole Design | Photo Mike Hardaker Mountain Weekly News

Upon first setting up The North Face Triarch 2 Tent indoors I managed to crack one of the tent poles at the connector point. The only downside to this tent comes in the form of the poles…

Was I being too hard on the gear? Perhaps, however after reading other reviews online it seems these poles fit together a bit to snug, making them hard to put together and take down.

But the real question was could The North Face Triarch 2 Tent hold up with a cracked pole?  I once again opted to set the tent up indoors, and believe it or not it was tough to find the cracked piece.  Once everything was put together, albeit a bit more gently this time the crack was impossible to see and showed no sign of weakness within the structural integrity of the Triarch.

Keep in mind this was all indoors, so I went out into the Gros Ventre Range for a backpacking trip to see how this tent would hold up / perform while camping.

Upon setting up the Triarch 2 the first thing that’s noticeable is the amble floor layout. (29.2 sqft) Along with another (7 sqft) of vestibule space. This is the sort of tent 2 people can easily share, perhaps with a dog too or even a child.

Over the years I’ve found that a lot of the 2 person tent’s on the market are actually more suited to a single person camping unless you really plan on getting cozy.  This tent is the opposite of that.  With double entry’s and vestibules, each person can essentially have their own door to access the tent.  You won’t have to crawl over anyone to find your spot in the tent while using The North Face Triarch.

Tent Inside

Inside the Tent | Photo Mike Hardaker Mountain Weekly News

On the inside of the Triarch 2 Tent, The North Face built a vaulted headbox of sorts and foot box for maximum space.  What this does is add additional more room to the tent where it’s needed. You can easily sit up in this tent or sleep on either side without coming in contact with the tent walls.

The tents vertical sidewalls allow for additional space but come at a cost.  The zippers can be hard to open and close with this design and have the potential to get caught on the tent material if you’re rushing.

North Face Tent Granite Creek Wyoming

Tent with Rainfly camping in Granite Creek, WY | | Photo Mike Hardaker Mountain Weekly News


How Compact is the Tent?

One of the best features of this tent is how simple it is to fold up and store.  Weighing in at 3 lbs 12 oz full packed weight The North Face Triarch 2 Tent is easy to carry for long distances with its nice compact storage bag.  Everything easily fits into place, you won’t have to worry about stuffing added parts and pieces back into your tent bag.

The floor of the Triarch 2 tent is made of bomber 75D polyester taffeta material for added toughness. Along with keeping the tent durable, this design helps when packing the tent down as it’s easy to line the floor pieces together.  The rest of the tent can then be set on top of the floor and within a couple of folds, you have a nice compact tent that’s ready to be unraveled at your next site. Everything including the tent, rain fly, footprint, poles, and stakes.

Overall Impression

The North Face Tent Vertical Wall 2 Person

Mild Weather Camping Tent | Photo Mike Hardaker Mountain Weekly News

When the weather is mild you can see the stars and moon while sleeping in the Triarch 2 tent.  And if it comes to storms, be it rain, wind or snow The North Face Triarch Tent’s rainfly and a canopy made of 20d Nylon Ripstop will keep you dry and protected.

As mentioned I was able to crack one of the North Face Triarch 2 poles on this tent, which has though yet to affect performance.  However, I’m not a consumer and didn’t pay for this.  If you bought a product from The North Face and it broke while indoors or heaven forbid while camping most likely you wouldn’t be stoked even with The North Face’s lifetime guarantee.

With the Triarch Tent, you feel like sleeping outdoors instead of being locked inside a claustrophobic box. At the end of the day, The North Face Triarch 2 ($378.95) is a tent that needs to be treated gently. If you can do so, this is a great tent for those looking to shave weight and enjoy a night outdoors.

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Price Comparison

The North Face Triarch 2 Person Tent

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  1. Stephen Koch | May 17, 2018 at 6:32 PM | Reply

    Thanks for the thoughtful review, Mike. I love saving weight but not at the expense of functionality. It sounds like it all worked out. You could tape the cracked pole to offer support. Since you couldn’t find the crack then it wasn’t an issue. If it got windy you may have had an issue with the pole. All’s well that ends well. Keep up the great reviews.

    • Mike Hardaker | May 19, 2018 at 11:16 AM | Reply

      Thanks for the comment Stephen, appreciate your input considering all the nights you have spent sleeping outdoors. Your name comes up often round these parts, the legend continues. Looking forward to adventuring with you and your family again soon. I’ll bring some test for us to test. Be well

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