Odi Ruffian Grips Review

ODI Ruffian Mountain Bike Grips

I was looking at affordable ways to upgrade a mountain bike. Fortunately, I came across the suggestion of upgrading to Odi Ruffian Grips.

And I can tell you, I was awfully surprised at how much of a difference they made.

Odi Ruffian Review

The stock grips on my bike were lock-ons, but still had issues with slipping occasionally; these haven’t slipped since I put them on the first time.

The locks are like piranha jaws: once they’re on, they’re on. Odi doesn’t mess around with their lock-on grips.

In addition to eliminating slippage, the diamond pattern on the Odi Ruffian Grips really feels solid. Even with gloves on, I felt secure through dodgy sections.

These are really grippy without being painfully abrasive.

The rubber portion of the grip is very low-profile (especially compared to their other grips, like the Rogue), which keeps your hand really close to the bar, giving you a great feel for the terrain you’re riding. You do sacrifice some shock absorption for this, but the added feeling of control is definitely worth it.

Ruffian ODI Grip

Overall Impression

If you’re looking for a cheap way to upgrade your bike, the Ruffian is the way to go.

You can get the Odi Ruffian ($20.83) in a lot of different colors to either match or contrast with the rest of your color scheme.

Also, check out the Patriot version of the Ruffian, a limited edition white grip with laser-etched stars and stripes!

ODI Ruffian
Waiting for product details ...

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