ONE Binding Review

ONE Binding System Snowboard (4)

The ONE binding system is a plate that allows you to slide your Spark splitboard bindings onto your solid board.

ONE Binding System Review

My Spark bindings have outlasted every pair of bindings I’ve ever had. I’m on year four with one pair and haven’t had to replace anything! They are simple and if you desire to customize them you can buy whatever straps or highback that tickles your fancy. With that being said, if you own a pair of Sparks or are thinking about buying them it is more economical than a new pair of bindings every 2 years.

Reasons to Use

ONE Binding System Snowboard #1 Go split board then go right to the mountain, with one pair of bindings.
#2 Same size Allen tool as used on spark bindings.
#3 Swap bindings right from verts to solid board after hiking.
#4 Way easier binding switch over than unscrewing and screwing.
#5 If you’re getting a whole new Splitboard set up AND have a quiver of sweet boards at home then this could be a great investment because of the quick binding switch.
#6 If you ever plan on traveling internationally and want to bring a Splitboard and a solid this is essential to keep your bag light and have the convenience of switching rides in a minute.
#7 You can store the plates in your bindings with the pin in. It will not only keep the screws safe, but you could just put those in your carry-on and get your bag under 50lbs.

ONE Binding System Snowboard

One (kind of) issue:

It’s not quite as damp as foamy, plastic bindings so it’s a bit harsh on hard pack (just go find some pow).

Overall Impression

ONE Binding System Snowboard

I don’t know about you, but I like to switch it up sometimes to really milk the moment and enjoy the conditions. ONE Binding System ($95) offers the perfect solution for switching from a splitboard to a solid while being able to enjoy the bindings you love.

ONE Binding

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  1. Carl Christian Herting | October 21, 2020 at 8:40 AM | Reply

    Hi Mtnweekly

    Do you know if it’s possible to use the one binding system the other way around? By that I mean using the one binding system to apply a normal binding to a splitboard?

    Kind regards

    • Carl,

      Indeed, you’ll need to get the Voile Splitboard plates that come with the universal splitboard kit. Took me a second to remember as this is how we ran splitboard bindings 15 years ago.

      The traditional binding screws into the voile plate and then gets slid onto the pucks the way the newer styles work. To get the bindings in ride mode you slide off, take off the plates, mount the bindings (dont loose the screws) and then toss the metal plates in your bag and head down hill.

      Thanks for the question.


  2. Well me and Boardrigger go way back hopefully he’s learned how to rig a board at 50 years old. We make an awesome product that hands down works great. We had a slight kink in our Indian passed customer service division but I think we have that worked out now. On our website and our packaging we indicate that we do not make the onebinding plate for 4×4 or Burtons 3d hole pattern…. hello that shits out of date and is not made anymore. Were sorry we cannot please everyone. Mr Simnacher bought the onebindingsystem on Feb 17 2014 he emailed us back on the 28 saying they did not fit his 4×4 pattern… To which we replied “Eric
    We do not make a 4×4 pattern, as most new boards are not 4×4. I have a guy working on a set that just might work for them but we are not their yet….. We will return your purchase if you don’t know anyone that wants them and you mail them unused back to us. ” With nothing showing up on our door step for a return we receive an email a year later on Feb. 8 2015 which states…”I bought a set of OBS from you last year & did not realize they will not fit my 4X4 pattern, hoping you have gotten around to making some 4X4 sets by now. Disappointing to read on your website that if you’re riding 4×4 your riding something too old, sorry bro, you’re wrong. I’ve been riding since 1979, own 30 boards & my primary rides are 3 Lib Tech Doughboy 198 cm boards & a 200 cm RadAir Tanker. Those boards are not obsolete & you must be new to the sport to think they are “too old”. hook me up bro I’m 50 years old!
    Thank You for your time & consideration, you’ve developed an excellent product but I can’t sell the 2×4 pattern adapters to any of the young punks who ride park & pipe.”
    How do you respond to this? The man has 30 boards.. stick it on one of them and go ride the damn thing. Im not here to pick apart your board choice but if you don’t have one stick that the ones can fit on then you are riding in the past, and if you cannot find some young punk with sparks to buy them off you, then we need to work on our marketing efforts more and maybe February of next year well have those sold. We are deeply saddened by the use of social media in this instance to get a rise out of a few and a blow to a overall great review. If more of us spent time usefully building up the people, the world, and those around us we could see some awesome stuff. Well keep making some sweet products and we hope your with us!
    Ryan Watson

    • Mike Hardaker | March 9, 2015 at 9:35 AM | Reply

      Ryan, thanks for the reply! People love your system and love riding Spark’s so we fully support what you are doing. Be sure to look us up anytime you are in the Tetons and want to go tour.


    • Eric Simnacher | January 8, 2019 at 4:24 PM | Reply

      Hi Ryan,
      Sorry to hear that you took my response to your system not being compatible with 4X4 so hard. Your website did not have the disclaimer, ” does not work with 4×4 pattern” when I purchased it. 4×4 is not out of date & is still being used in new board construction as well as there are well over a million 4×4 boards still in use. It’s also the most popular patter in history. By Far. You stated that you told me,”I have a guy working on a set that just might work for them but we are not there yet…..” and yet you never replied that you had them made or that you scrapped that idea. In reply to your comment,” Im not here to pick apart your board choice but if you don’t have one stick that the ones can fit on then you are riding in the past,” Who are you to tell ANYONE their gear is too old & I’m riding in the past? Thanks for supporting only the present snowboard market. You have revealed that you really don’t care (or maybe don’t know?) that many people still enjoy riding their older gear & that you feel if it’s not up to YOUR standard it’s out of date. Sadly, you left many riders out of your market because of this mistake. Again, I’m sorry to hear you feel this way but you are simply wrong, many older riders like me have taken care of their equipment & still enjoy riding older boards all over the world. I know, I travel a lot. You also stated that I intended to,” use social media in this instance to get a rise out of a few and a blow to a overall great review.” Wrong again, I just wanted to let others know the product does not work with 4×4 pattern & at the time I made my purchase it was not stated on your website. That was my intention & that was all I did. Your 2nd to final statement, “If more of us spent time usefully building up the people, the world, and those around us we could see some awesome stuff.” is hardly how you handled my situation don’t you think? How is it “Aiming to improve your time on the mountain” when you bash your customers so hard over a simple thing like this? I haven’t found any buyers for the plates but, I did buy a modern, brand new snowboard from (you’ll love this) the company that invented the 4×4 pattern- Rad Air 201 cm Tanker with newer & improved 2×4 pattern. I was hoping to bring it with me to Europe next month along with my Lib Tech Doughboy 198 cm split board so I started mounting the plates on my Tanker only to discover the center pucks don’t give you an option for positive stance angles with both feet. I purchased from your website on Dec. 27 2018 the additional Center Puck #1 for positive angle regular foot along with the 3 degree cant’s but they have not arrived as of Jan 8. I’m 2 states away in Colorado. I have attempted to contact you via email at both & through the contact page on the One Binding System webpage link with no response or reply. I hope you are on vacation & getting some killer powder turns in & in a couple days I receive my order in the mail. I would very much like to finally mount your system & use my Sparks on my new solid board but I need the center puck to achieve my posi/posi stance.
      Hope to hear back from you, hope you are healthy & happy & I hope we both get to end this on a positive note. Please feel free to contact me with any questions/concerns. Thank you for your time & consideration.
      Sincerely, Eric Simnacher

  3. Only comes with a 2×4 binding hole pattern, useless on all my older boards which is a major drawback. The company stated they may make 4×4 & other pattern plates but seem to have decided not to, completely disappointed with the customer service from them as they haven’t returned emails asking for a replacement or return.

    • Mike Hardaker | March 8, 2015 at 10:06 AM | Reply

      Thanks for the feedback, I just emailed Ryan and asked him to reply here to your comment. Lets see what happens, thanks again for leaving honest feedback on the product. This will surely help others.


      • Eric Simnacher | January 18, 2019 at 4:32 PM | Reply

        I was contacted via email by Ryan Watson at OBS, this was his reply to an email I sent on Jan 8, 2019:
        “I think I sent this out. If your not in the country then our shipping is on hold because our government is shut down…OMG trump. anyhoot Ill get it to ya as soon as possible.”
        Ryan Watson

        He thinks he sent my order out but is not sure? The Government shutdown has not affected any other mail deliveries to my home in any way. He’s going to get it to me as soon as possible.

        If I receive 2 shipments I will send one back. To be continued…

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