Optic Nerve Boreas 3.0 Goggle Review

Optic Nerve Boreas 3.0 Ski and Snowboard Goggle Review

Getting a great pair of goggles for winter time activities can make your days of shredding a whole lot better.  There are many different styles and lenses that can work for different types of people.  I settled on the Smith I/O a while ago.  I recently was approached to try out the Optic Nerve Boreas 3.0’s.  Right away I assumed I would try them out and want my Smith’s back on my face.  This didn’t happen though!  Overall there is a lot to a good pair of goggles.  I look for a good face fit, anti fog ability, helmet integration,  interchange ability of lenses, and solid lenses for low light and sunny days.  Optic Nerve Boreas 3.0 ended up being a perfect fit for me.

They integrated on to my helmet and my face perfectly.  I have a Smith helmet that they locked on to great and hugged my facial curves nicely.  They also having a great peripheral view with there large frame.  I tend to get lazy when I am making short 1k-2k tours as far as transitioning goes.  I like to leave my helmet and goggles on, or on top of my helmet.  There was a recent day it was snowing pretty good and just left the 3.0’s on my face while hiking.  I was amazed at there anti fog capability.  I was sweating pretty good and breathing pretty hard skinning thru deeps.  These goggles didn’t fog up one bit!


Optic Nerve Boreas Goggle

I got 2 lenses with them.  The sunny day lens was copper tint.  The other was a yellow tinted low light lens for flat light days.  They both have extreme clarity, and the quality feels very durable.  Optic nerve refers to the lens technology as NASTEK which was developed by NASA.  I feel like sunny day lens tint is easier to master for goggle companies.  The copper tint worked well for my eyes and made the sun easy on my eyes with a very nice light spectrum.  As far as the yellow low light tint, it definitely is my new favorite low light lens.    These I both thought were great but there is something about Optic Nerves yellow tint that is far more superior.  It brings out contrast very well in flat light.  Eyes are interesting as well.  Some eyes like different tint hues and so forth.  If you are looking for a new low light lens I would highly suggest Optic Nerves though!  Both tints had a very natural hue that felt good on my eyes.

The lens interchange ability is very similar to the I/0.  I would say just a little easier though. Just pop the 2 top tabs up and the lenses come right out. Unfortunately not as easy as a magnetic lens.  Fortunately if magnetic is what you are looking for Optic nerve has a model called the San Juan that has magnetic technology for the easiest lens swapping ability.  Personally I like more of a fixed lens.  I take some pretty hard crashes sometimes and I have heard of the magnetic lenses falling off in these scenarios.  Regardless if you crash hard enough anything can happen.  I have definitely cracked goggle lenses hitting tree branches, and doing face plants.  Optic nerves lenses do feel very stout though and I would like to see what kind of impact it takes to break them but I have been lucky not to get into too much mischief with them yet.

Optic Nerve Boreas 3.0 Ski Goggle

Overall Impression

Overall, I would highly recommend on getting a pair of Optic Nerve goggles.  The Boreas 3.0 are $140.00.  Or if you want the San Juans with the magnetic lens integration for only $150 get em.  Optic Nerve’s price point is $50 cheaper than comparable goggles from other top brands which is huge!  The other bonus is you get 2 lenses (low light and bright sun), a lifetime warranty and a very well constructed product with your purchase of Optic Nerve goggles!  5 stars for sure!

5 / 5 RATING      

Waiting for product details ...

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