Orvis Helios 2 5-weight 9′ Fly Fishing Rod Review

Orvis Helios 2 5-weight 9' Fly Rod

I first need to give special accolades to the Orvis company for upholding their unbeatable warranty policy and sending me the best rod they have ever built, the Orvis Helios 2 9′ 5wt. When I broke the tip of my 20-year-old Orvis H.L.S. Colorado, they didn’t have the materials to repair it, so in return, they sent me their top of the line rod.

Orvis Helios Length

A 9’ rod is the perfect universal length. It can present a size 20 dry fly sixty feet away to a small pool just as well as it can tug a streamer through fast water. I plan to use this rod for everything from brook trout to steelhead.

A 5-wt. isn’t the best for larger fish but the H2 has a serious backbone to it. Orvis makes the H2 in larger sizes and weights but if you’re looking for a rod that can fish everything from yearling trout to Atlantic run salmon, the 5wt. mid-flex is the perfect rod.

So far, I’ve only landed a 16 in. brown and a 3 in. brook but in both instances, the rod played the fish well. I felt confident in its strength, accuracy, and ability to cast both long and short distances.

Helios Weight

Nick enjoying the benefits of product testing

Nick on the Orvis Helios | Photo Mountain Weekly News

The best thing about the H2 is its weight. It has an “all day” feel to it. The H2 is 20% lighter, 20% stronger, and has a 100% tip-impact strength compared to the original Helios.

Overall Impression

The Orvis Helios is one of the nicer rods on the market and has a price tag to follow but you can guarantee that this rod will last forever, and will be replaced free of charge if anything happens to it. Orvis has a no questions asked policy, so if you close it in your trunk, or snap it playing a tarpon, you can expect a new rod within weeks.

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