Patagonia Workware Iron Forge Ranch Jacket Review

Patagonia Iron Forge Barn Coat Review

The Workwear line from Patagonia took a 2-year break and is back better than ever thanks to Patagonia’s use of hemp, recycled polyester and organic cotton throughout the entire line. New for Fall 2017 is an entire collection of clothing built and designed for people that demand outerwear that can take a beating and still be functional at the same time.

Patagonia Iron Forge Jacket Review

First of all, the Patagonia Iron Forge Jacket is incredible burly and you sort of need to be that type of person to wear it, and here’s why. Weighing in at (55.5 oz) almost 3.5 lb the Patagonia Iron Forge Workwear Jacket won’t be the lightest piece of gear in your arsenal. However, there’s a tradeoff as the heavy canvas Hemp material is going to last a long time, especially with Patagonia’s Iron Clad Guarantee. And when compared to similar styles from other brands like Carhartt Duck Coat (48 oz) 3 lb. 8 oz the weight of the Patagonia Workwear jacket actually weight less than the competition.

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While working in the field you can easily carry logs or timber on your shoulder as the Barn Coat has double weaved material on the shoulder joints. Thanks to Patagonia’s use of long bast Hemp fibers the Iron Forge Coat is 25 percent more abrasion resistant than conventional cotton. Hemp provides toughness and durability combined with a familiar feeling of soft cotton. Together you get a coat that can easily be worn for long periods of time no matter what the workday throws your way.

Surprisingly the Hemp material really moves with your body for a nice natural fit. I even did a few hikes in the Barn Coat without having to worry about the jacket getting ripped or snagged while walking through tight trees.

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Patagonia Workwear Features

The Iron Forge Barn Coat comes with a total of 6 pockets to hold your gear. Four pockets are located on the front of the coat with a fifth zippered pocket on the inside and a unique reach around pocket on the back that would be a perfect place to store building plans, a small lunch or better yet a coffee mug.

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The front of the Barn Coat is opened and closed by a heavy duty zipper that’s concealed by the use of the two snap closures that work to keep the weather from getting inside the coat and the zipper hidden. When you need to warm your hands there’s a pair of somewhat hidden micro-fleece lined pockets. In testing the Patagonia Iron Forge Hemp Barn Coat I spent a good amount of time working and hiking outdoors with temperatures around 40 F while wearing minimal layers.

Speaking of layers, you can wear a bunch with this coat. Perhaps too many? At 5’11 155 lb, I opted for a Medium. The length is perfect however there is soo much room inside that you would really need to be a thicker dude to fill this out. For the tall and skinny crowd, the fit will be a bit too baggy. (you might need to size down) For everyone else, the Patagonia Iron Forge Barn Coat is a great way to upgrade your workwear. Your wife or girlfriend will surely agree.

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Overall Impression

If you’re a fan of the Patagonia brand and are looking for the same reliability you’ve come to expect from Patagonia over the years. The Men’s Iron Forge Barn Coat ($199) that are designed for working in tough conditions will be a nice addition to your work attire. The Patagonia Workwear line is a uniform for men & women that tend to work hard and play even harder.


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