Patagonia Nano-Air Review

Patagonia Mens Nano Hoody

The Patagonia Nano-Air Hoody possesses all the advantages of a puffy jacket, combined with a nylon ripstop shell, a DWR outer that’s breathable, mechanical stretch and you have the most versatile mid-layer on the market. Everyone from the outdoor enthusiast to the city commuter should ad the Nano-Air to their closet quiver. Find out more in my Patagonia Nano-Air Hoody review below:

Nylon Ripstop Material

Patagonia Nano Air

Mike Hardaker Touring in the Patagonia Nano-Air Hoody | Photo Mountain Weekly News

I’ve tried all varieties of puffy jackets and have always had an issue with durability. Fixing rips and tears is a reoccurring problem and they don’t function well in any kind of wet condition. The Patagonia Nano-Air utilizes a tough 100% nylon ripstop material with a DWR(Durable Water Resistant) finish. Whether you caught in a light storm, scuff it on a rock, or snag it on a tree, it’s going to be a reliable piece of clothing for a variety of situations. To share a personal experience I was riding my bike through the town of Jackson, WY during the peak of summer tourist season when I was clipped by a car making an illegal turn. I luckily came out unscathed and more surprisingly my Nano Hoody held up to a tomahawk on the pavement.

Patagonia Insulation

Another unique advantage of the Patagonia Nano-Air Hoody is the breathability of the whole system. The synthetic FullRange insulation allows airflow from the body through the nylon shell keeping you comfortable during and after activities. On a recent fishing float on the Snake River, I was comfortable casting in the cold or working hard on the oars. Fall in the Tetons can bring 40-degree temperature swings and I was comfortable all day in just my Hoody.

The other characteristic that stands out is the stretchability of this jacket. The system stretches and moves with you during activities allowing full range of motion and nonrestricted body movements. Having that maneuverability while I’m casting a fly rod or rowing the boat is what separates the Nano from my other micro puff jackets.

Overall Impression

The Patagonia Nano-Air Hoody ($299.99) can be used under a shell as a layering piece or just worn on its own making it the most important jacket I own. It has functioned well on the river, in the high alpine, and in the mean streets of Jackson Wyoming. I foresee many split boarding missions and early morning tramlines while wearing my Hoody. The durability, breathability, stretchability and overall comfort combine to make the Nano Air the most versatile piece of outerwear you should have in your quiver.

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