Pelican 20 Qt Elite Cooler Review

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Here is what I found out about this cooler after being out on the road for a few weeks, did my food spoil? Was I able to keep anything cold?  I left Jackson Hole on a late fall paragliding/surfing/music road trip with the Pelican 20 QT Cooler in the back of the pickup truck to test out- and it’s a beast of a cooler!

Pelican 20 Qt Cooler Review

For starters, the Pelican 20 Quart ELITE cooler is built like a tank. It is a heavy-duty piece of gear, to say the least. You won’t have to worry about chipping this thing, well maybe someone paints but otherwise this is one of the tougher coolers on the market. Now I didn’t do the sledgehammer test or try and run this cooler over, otherwise, it’s solid in construction.

Pelican claims the 20QT cooler retains ice for 7-10 days- and it stayed icy cold for 8 days on my travels down the west coast from Seattle to San Diego. Yes over a week of cold temps, refrigerator quality.

It’s got military-grade features like a metal locking hasp, molded-in tie-downs, and thick rubber feet to keep it from sliding around. Not to mention a built-in bottle opener-

Pelican 20QT Video

Pelican is known for making the best hard cases for fragile equipment that money can buy- so it figures they would build a cooler that exceeds all expectations. Lastly- it comes with a lifetime warranty, and a price most everyone can afford.  The Pelican 20 Qt Cooler is available for $149.00

If you want a cooler you can pass down to the next generation instead of to a landfill- this techy cooler is for you!!

Pelican Elite Cooler 20 Qt
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