prAna Tote Yoga Mat Holder Review

prAna Tote Yoga Mat Holder

Let your inner yogi fly with the stylish prAna Tote Yoga Mat Holder.

Want to let everyone in the world know that your body is tone and your mind is in the right place, look no further than the prAna Yoga Mat Strap carrier.

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prAna Yoga Mat Strap Review

The cushioned shoulder straps are comfortable and can be mounted, and slung around just about anything. Throw it over your backpack, shoulders, hang it on a coat rack, the potential is limitless.

If you’re into yoga, then you have surely heard of prAna, a company that goes by the saying, “Breath, life, vitality of the spirit.”

There’s a ton of rad mats on the market, one that I dig especially is the Manduka Black Mat Pro.

These qualities infuse not only our name but also our aspirations, the things we make and how we make them. In supporting prAna you can feel good about yourself while giving back to the yoga community.

In today’s day and age, we like our toys to have multiple uses. The prAna Tote Yoga Mat ($20) can not only carry your yoga mat, but it also doubles as a yoga strap for stretching during class and at home.

And on the green side of things, the yoga tote is made of 45% recycled material and features a Velcro closure made of Veda fabric.

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prAna Tote Yoga Mat Holder

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