Rab Upslope Jacket Review

Rab Upslope Jacket Review

The Rab Upslope Jacket is designed with skiers in mind, this from a climber’s company. Founded by badass Rab Carrington and tested in the Scottish Highlands where the weather is challenging, to say the least, many think of Rab as being clothes for ice climbing. Well to me this is good; it means that the gear will stand up to whatever you throw at it. How would this carry over to a ski-specific garment?

Rab Upslope Jacket Review

Rab Upslope Touring Jacket

The Rab Upslope Jacket comes with standard pockets down at the waist level. This is nice if you’re not skiing with a pack. The pockets act as venting as there are no pit zips. Pit zips can be awkward to use and just unzipping a pocket is so easy. Just don’t lose your keys.

The fabric does a decent job stopping the wind on all but the coldest days. As with any shell, I bring a puffy along for layering should the temps get really cold. It’s nice to have layers so you can get the ideal body temp. Going with an insulated coat reduces that flexibility. Usually, I start with both my Upslope and a puffy in the cold morning. As I begin to work hard I get hot and shed layers as needed. Usually, all I need to do is unzip and keep going.

Rab Clothing Review

Overall Impression

The hood is a key element to staying warm on a cold, snowy day. It is plenty big enough to accommodate a helmet and cinches down for when you don’t have your bucket on. When the weather really gets bad you can zip all the way up and be toasty warm on those 70+ mph wind days. The collar has a nice soft liner for your chin and nose when you’re hunkering down in it.

I’m stoked to go out every day in my Rab Upslope Jacket ($265.00) I know they can handle whatever I’m gonna throw at them and keep me comfortable doing it.


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