Ride Alter Ego Snowboard Review

Ride Alter Ego Snowboard

When I saw the Ride Alter Ego with it’s split tail that can be hooked/unhooked I was skeptical of how much of a difference it could make and if it was another specialty quiver board.

Ride Alter Ego Review

The Ride Alter Ego is marketed as an “All Mountain” and “Powder” deck and the conditions that I was riding it in were both. I thought I’d give it a shot at the 159 size even though I planned to take it into fairly deep backcountry terrain where the 162 might seem more appropriate.

As soon as I got into untracked pow I unclipped the tail and I could not have been happier with the 59′ and it’s float. The board rose right to the top with minimal desire or need to overweight the back leg.

The combo of the wide and blunt nose design and split tail made for the perfect balance between floating on top of the snow and still feeling connected to having driving power to slash.

The flex falls more on the mid to mid soft rather than stiff which lends it to comfortable and responsive pow riding but I was also surprised how stable it was at speed, in mixed conditions, and on trail.

Chatting with the Ride Alter Ego board designer

I found myself having a blast and completely forgetting about the split tail design. The board was super playful and I looked at the backcountry terrain more like skatepark features. Super responsive, quick to recover and snappy describe it’s feel. I could go from throwing a big rooster slash to drops to jumping up onto things all in the same run.

Wasn’t overly heavy but construction felt solid and with well thought out materials. As it seems to excel in pow feel like it would last multiple seasons as long as you aren’t nailing rocks on the regular.

Overall Impression

Fun, fun, fun. The Ride Alter Ego ($599.99) is the running for the mythical Quiver Killer category for an All Mountain/Backcountry board if that’s your style.

For mountains where you’ll encounter all sorts of freeride conditions this board rules and leaves you with an amazing smile on your face as you reach the lift.

Ride Alter Ego Snowboard

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