RIO InTouch Sink Tip WF5F/S3 Review

Rio InTouch Sink Tip ReviewRio InTouch Sink Tip Test | Photo Jonah Sloven Mountain Weekly News

I was looking for a sinking line or sink tip that would allow the maximum versatility on the water. Just like with skis there is no one line for every day on the water. After picking the experts minds’ I ended up with the InTouch Sink Tip WF5F/S3.

RIO Sink Tip Fly Line Test

Yellowstone River

Jonah Sloven on the Yellowstone River | Photo Mountain Weekly News

This particular sink tip line would allow me to streamer fish both from shore and boat by adjusting the time the line sits in the water and stripping speed. Broken down this is an intermediate sinking tip with a sinking rate of 3 inches/second. The trip started off slow and cold. I had some friends to see in Livingston so I decided to head there and spend a few days on the Yellowstone while hoping neighboring rivers would warm up a tad. Fishing on the Yellowstone was tough. Such a big river to tackle on foot and water was still cold and not much action but the sporadic afternoon midge hatch.

But, from there I was directed to a small lake as a good camping spot for me and the pup. The first evening I was there as I was setting up dinner, I could see monster bows cruising the shore. So, I rigged up my new streamer setup with a dark sparkle minnow and walked down. Casting the InTouch Sink Tip was a dream.


The 15’ sinking section combined with the 21’ body loaded like a dream. Smooth cast without the abrupt kick that can happen with a heavy rig. Cast. Let sink for a minute. Strip, strip, strip, WHAM! Perfect first fish on the new setup.

A few days later I headed over to the Madison. The weather had improved and there was talk of some BWOs getting the fish moving. On the Madison, I really got some time with my new RIO line. What I really loved was how easy mending was. I could effortlessly flick the line floating body and change my swing. Also, with the low stretch ConnectCore technology, I always felt like a had a great connection with the fly. With this sensitivity, even a smaller bump was detected like this brown trout.

Overall Impression

Having a sinking line is key to effectively streamer fish those big buckets and banks effectively, and RIO’s InTouch Sink Tip WF5F/S3 ($89.99) was perfect for me. If you are looking for an intermediate sink tip that will work wading and, in a boat, this is for you. Another favorite of mine is the RIO Gold Fly Line, the perfect all-around floating line. RIO is loaded with products and experts to help you get out on the water, so don’t hesitate to give them a call.

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