Rome Boss 390 Bindings Review

Rome 390 Boss Review 2015

The Rome Boss 390 Bindings have an endless combination of tweaks so that you can essentially build your perfect pair. I had been looking for some bindings that provide a nice balance of playfulness and power with precise edge-to-edge response, and I believe my search is over. Learn more in our Rome 390 Boss Bindings review below.

Canted Footbeds

There are a lot of features included in the Rome Boss 390 Bindings that I seriously love. First, the Autostrap is this genius little piece that pulls your ankle strap back once you unfasten it to keep your footbed clear so you aren’t stepping all over it when you go to strap back in.

The 390 Asym Highbacks have got the whole ergonomic design going on so that you get a ridiculous response in a package that works seamlessly with your body. Canted footbeds are my new favorite thing and I would like to thank Rome for introducing me to them. The Yes, I Cant System lets you choose the degree of canting, so I went with the full 3.5-degree option and I could just feel more control and power between my feet.


The straps are super simple to ratchet down as tight as you like and then easy to undo when you want out. And unfortunately sometimes when you don’t. I learned the downside to those easy-out buckles the hard way a few times when I would reach across my body to do something like a seat belt grab and my hand would catch the buckle when I let go, which would result in the ankle strap coming undone and my landing being less than pretty.

This certainly isn’t a deal-breaker, just something to be aware and careful of.

Overall Impression

These bad boys are a bit of a puzzle at first with many pieces and customization options, but once you dial it all in to fit your style, you wont be able to help but smile. I definitely recommend making the move to upper management with the Rome 390 Boss Binding ($229.99).

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