Rome Artifact Rocker Review

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The reason the Rome Artifact Snowboard is able to handle all your shenanigans is the Stomp Core Matrix. Press it, pop it, and plant it all over boxes, rails, and stumps without fear of messing with the durable base. I wanted a true jib board that would slay in the park, go nuts in town if we got enough fluff, and I also didn’t want to be terrified to take it elsewhere on the mountain if some natural features were beckoning.

Rome Artifact Review

The Rome Artifact Snowboard is built with Glass Single Barrel HotRods that fuel massive ollies, but are also engineered to allow for long presses that won’t buck you. This true twin features that sweet rocker shape that keeps the board playful and loose, but you also have control anytime you engage the QuickRip Sidecut technology for precise turns.

The Artifact is so buttery, you’ll want to smear it all over your popcorn. It makes presses so easy, you will feel a little guilty because it’s almost cheating. Jib anything and everything with this board because it’s flexy enough to handle it all.

At slow speeds, this board holds just fine. If you want to charge hard at a jump, be a bit wary. It’s usually fine, but if you really crank up the speed, things can get a bit wonky. The edge has good enough grip to handle groomers and can muscle its way out of chewed up landings, but it wouldn’t be my first choice to ride through the more wicked natural terrain.

There is definitely plenty of pop to be had in the Rome Artifact. Load it a split second earlier than you normally would, but those HotRods definitely pack a punch. Having the ability to get some boost on your ollie really opens doors on the mountain, so it’s no wonder the Artifact moonlights as a doorman down at the Hilton.

Overall Impression

It’s fair to say I put this board through a good bit of punishment, but it stayed loyal and fun every time it entered the park or encountered some action in the streets. For how soft it is and the amount of flex it has, I was reasonably surprised that it was able to at least hold its own outside of its element. It got a little chattery when straight-lining it from top to bottom, but otherwise, it was solid on the groomers too. The rocker shape let it float some powder quite nicely as well.

If you plan on spending the majority of your time tearing up the park or enjoying a fun jib session, the Rome Artifact is a solid option. While it is not an all-mountain board, it can get the job done outside the park too, but it is best to just love this Rome Artifact ($429.99) jib board for what it is. Seriously, it would be impossible not to enjoy all the poppy, buttery fun that this board brings to the table.

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