Ruffwear Jacket Reviews

Ruffwear Track Jacket Review

Let your dog run free during fall with Ruffwear Track Jacket.

Ruffwear’s dog coats and vest are a great way to safely and comfortably travel with your four-legged friend in the backcountry. I tested the Ruffwear Track Jacket this fall while out mountain biking, hunting and hiking and found the high visibility to be a lifesaver when trying to spot a dog whose coat has been bread to blend in with the surroundings.

Ruffwear Track Jacket Review

Ruffwear Track Jacket (shown above) & Ruffwear Quinzee (shown below)

The blaze orange color was a must during hunting season, we actually had numerous people stop us on the trail to tell us how smart it was to have such a bright colored vest on our dog. Another great feature was the reflective material that allowed my dog and I to run at night knowing that we were highly visible to any potential vehicles. The only downside to this vest is it will get dirty quick.

Ruffwear Quinzee

Ruffwear Quinzee Review

Once winter hit we switched out the Track Jacket for the Ruffwear Quinzee. My first thought was “wow I have really been a bad dog owner over the past 4 years since I am now just putting a winter coat on my dog” that is all however in the past as now anytime my little girl goes outside in the snow she HAPPILY lets me put her into the aptly named Ruffwear Quinzee. The material is so soft, it feels like something I would like to wear and my dog surely enjoys it.

Getting the Ruffwear Quinzee Jacket on and off is a breeze, you simply slide the coat over your dog’s neck and attach buckles on each side. And just like the Track Jacket ($39.95), the Quinzee ($79.95) has areas of highly reflective material on the jacket which allows you to safely walk your dog at night. One thing to note is we did make sure to measure our dog’s girth so that we would have the proper sized vest and coats, be sure not to forget this step as it would be like ordering the wrong sized shoes.

Ruffwear Jacket

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