Salomon Dialogue Snowboard Boots Review

Salomon dialogue snowboard boot

I opted for a pair of Salomon Dialogue Snowboard Boots with the Powerlace Pro lacing system after 2 seasons of using my old snowboard boots which were completely blown out losing all support and failing to hold my heels in place, (one of my biggest pet peeves when riding.) Sound familiar?

Asking around it seemed Salomon was the brand that riders in the know where turning to for support in their boots. At first, I was hesitant to even try on anything without traditional laces, however, once my foot touched the inside of the boot I was SOLD!!

Skateboard Inspired Snowboard Boot

Mike Hardaker Mt Baker 2-1-11 Photo Morgan Hebert

Mike Hardaker Mt Baker 2-1-11 Photo Morgan Hebert

Mt. Baker has been going off all season, the entire state of Washington has been blessed by a cold and wet winter while the rest of the country suffered from lack of snow. Anyone that has ever had the chance to ride in the Pacific Northwest can surely attest to the fact it’s always wet so testing the boots at Baker was a perfect fit. The construction is bomber on the Salomon Dialogue Boots featuring a Lo-Fi skate-inspired outsole that really keeps the water out, I routinely walk through puddles of muck with these boots and my feet always come out dry.

The boots are a little bulky in the toe, heel and on the sides. I was able to fit a size 10.5 into a small/medium binding however it was a tight fit. Once I upgraded to a Large binding the Salomon Dialogue fit really well.

Powerlace Pro Lacing

The Powerlace system allows you to lock both your inner and outer laces in place in seconds. For years I suffered as did my snowboarding from heel lift, now this can be eliminated by pulling up on the Powerlace and really giving a nice custom fit around your foot. The only time I have had the boots loosen was when I failed to lock the system in place, you really have to pull on the laces and wait till you hear a click to know the system is working.

Overall Impression

I’ve ridden in ThirtyTwo boots for the last 6 years and was nervous to try another brand. Luckily I upgraded to the Salomon Dialogue ($269) this season and will never look back. The support, response and feeling the boot provides is unparalleled to anything else I have tried on the market. When your riding in technical terrain or looking to stomp that cliff drop it’s empowering to know your boots will support your landing and most important your ankles.

I opted to have the mold-able foot liner and heel cup molded at the shop I bought the boots from and really can feel the difference in having a custom fit. I hope you enjoyed this Salomon Dialogue test, I sure had a blast riding in these boots.

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