Sebago Triton Three-Eye Review

Sebago Triton Boat

The Sebago Triton Three-Eye is a classic docksider boat shoe. A leather shoe with a clear/white sole that is religiously worn (sockless) by the elite boating community, it’s practically standard issue in the boating world. As someone that is new to sailing/boating and who became interested in sailing as a way to increase my overall proximity to prime surf locations, these Sebago shoes fit into the picture.

Sebago Triton Review

Last week I got a call to crew on a boat delivery. We would be taking a Catalina 36 from Middle River, MD to Deltaville, VA, an overnight trip south on the Chesapeake Bay and I thought that this would be the perfect time to try out these shoes. I would get a chance to test them in the environment for which they were intended. So I grabbed my Sebago’s and headed north for Middle River.

THE JURY VERDICT: To begin, the Sebago Triton Three-Eye Boating Shoes are really comfortable and the more you wear them the better they feel. As the leather gets broken in the shoe begins to mold to your foot making it fit more and more like a glove as time goes by.

On the inside, the traditional leather footbed has been replaced with a faster drying material that is not only comfortable but helps keep odor down as well, crucial when going sockless! The sole of the shoe provided excellent traction on both dry and wet decks, which is probably the single most important feature of a boat shoe, the grip.

My biggest complaint about the shoes was the paint or rubber around the edge of the sole began peeling almost immediately, not that it had any effect on the performance of the shoe, but if you are drawn to them for the aesthetics this could be an issue.

Overall I was actually very impressed by the Sebago Triton Shoes ($221), and I would definitely recommend them to someone who is looking for a boating deck shoe. They are very practical and a nice new spin on a classic design.

Sebago Triton Three-Eye

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