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One of my friends was learning to snowboard and she was wearing Seirus Da Bone Snowboard Wrist Guard gloves. I had to pick them up and try them on, they were so comfortable and still had mobility. So I bought a pair and have been happy with them ever since. I have known many people that have broken their wrists snowboarding.

Seirus Wrist Guards Review

I had never thought of using wrist protection until a few years ago while I was in Park City Utah shooting the Sundance Film Festival for ten days. Half way through the festival I was able to go out and ride for a couple days unfortunately I fell and tweaked my right wrist. And it stayed sore for a few days and even tender for a few weeks after the festival. I realized that being a professional photographer, if I broke my right wrist I would be sidelined from my job.

Riding: The Da Bone gloves look and feel like any other gloves, except that they have extra support on both sides of the wrist where it connects to your arm. The gloves are warm and comfortable with a rugged material on the palms, fingers and seams. The gloves have protected my hands against small falls and are also great for riding through the trees when pushing off branches and small obstacles. I even forget that I am wearing extra wrist protect most of the time, that is the great thing about the Da Bone glove, it feels like a normal glove with an extra snug fit.

Weight: The gloves feel about the same weight as any other glove. The way the Wrist guards are built into the gloves makes them look like any other black snowboarding glove. The Wrist gator keeps snow from getting into the glove and the easy tension strap on the glove allows you to tighten the wrist guard in one quick motion.

Style: The classic black in stylish and will go with the wildest or tamest looking ski and board gear. The rugged look of these gloves will show that you are looking to ride all day and the protection looks much more stylish that wearing a cast for the season. The Gauntlet cuff will keep snow from getting in your gloves and keep you warm. On the extremely cold days I suggest wearing a liner under the Da Bone glove or wearing the Da Bone mitten. Yes Seirus offers the same great protection in a mitten as well, style and warm.

Looking for a more traditional pair of snowboard gloves?

Overall Impression: I love these gloves, not only are they well built and rugged they protect my wrists and allow me to continue to ski and ride daily. The Da Bone Glove also gave me the confidence to know that I will still be able to work events after a day on the slopes. I also love that the gloves are built to last. I have gone through many gloves over the years due to the aggressive nature of the way I ride and the fact that I am hard on all my equipment. These gloves are bomber and have lasted multiple seasons with only minor wear and tear; they are the perfect mix of both safety and style. If you work in a field that is dependent on your hands or you just want to have the extra protection knowing your hands wrists will be safe at the end of day these are the gloves for you.

Seirus Wrist Guard
5 / 5 RATING      

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