Showers Pass Utility Backpack Review

Showers Pass Utility Backpack Tetons Photo Ryan Ariano

The Showers Pass Utility Backpack is just the next stage in the evolutionary blending of the hardcore road cyclist and the committed pedal commuter, a lightweight style-heavy monster ready for whatever mother nature throws at it.

Showers Pass Utility Backpack Review

The Showers Pass Utility Backpack looks like something you’d see on somebody’s back in NYC, maybe, at least the stylish ones, and that’s a big statement. Second, to my current Teton life, I’ve found NYC the toughest place on gear. New Yorkers walk everywhere, are constantly fighting through thick crowd and slamming into walls and subways and windows and such.

The Utility Backpack marries backcountry toughness to urban steeze to give you something that stands up to the rowdiest of weather but looks good over a suit.

But I didn’t test it in New York City. I tested it in the plains, mountains, and valleys of Wyoming.

Showers Pass Utility Backpack under water

Showers Pass Utility Backpack vs a Garden Hose Photo Ryan Ariano | Mountain Weekly News

I bring my laptop with me most days to work(might I add that my laptop is my life)(full of pictures of my family, countless works of fiction and nonfiction, and more), walking through the rain a few blocks from office to a coffee shop to the bank to liquor store and back. Nothing going through. The weather outside was frightful. But the pack was an impermeable womb hanging off my shoulders.

Test 2: Lock it Up, Hook it On

Showers Pass Utility Backpack and Axe

There are gear straps all over this thing. Actually more so even than my climbing and outdoor packs. So I decided to test it out, hanging waterbottles and food bags (one full of my butchered frozen antelope) and any other bits of detritus I could dig up during my home move. While the straps on the back made for some awkward weight distribution when I hung my 2- and my 1-liter Nalgene off it, that’s why there are side pockets for your water bottles and a ton of internal storage. Throw in an extra layer, your lunch, gym clothes for after you’re off.

To build on that, the external water bladder pocket is one of those brilliant but simple touches, separating it from the rest of the pack so a weak seal or overloaded hydration reservoir doesn’t risk your precious aquaphobic gear.

Showers Pass Review Video

Showers Pass is a cycling company. And as the days get shorter, most cyclists, especially the 9-7ers, are riding in the dark. On roads. Like, with cars. That could kill you very easily if they don’t see you.

Overall Impression

This backpack screams urban commuter. The black is flat, sleek, probably goes great with a suit but when biking through traffic, black isn’t very visible. Certainly not as much as, for example, orange or yellow.

If you find yourself on a dark road at night powering for your friend’s house through a freak rainstorm with your after-work clothes and an iPad on your back, the Showers Pass Utility Back-pack ($239.99) will become your favorite piece of gear in the closet.

Showers Pass Utility Backpack

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