Shred Rarify Bigshow Goggles Review

Shred Goggles

With every passing season, Shred goggles are gaining more and more popularity as shredders of all backgrounds come together to appreciate what this company is doing for optics in snowsports. Olympic gold medalist Ted Ligety co-founded the company, because he believed there was a hole in the market that he and his Italian partner (the engineering specialist) could fill with performance-driven goggles that actually had some serious style. Basically, they wanted to create snow goggles that both ski racers and freeride snowboarders could agree were ideal. Mission = accomplished.

Shred Lenses

That combo of performance and style is exemplified in the Shred Rarify Bigshow Goggles. We got our peepers behind the white version that came with two lenses: one for sun and clouds, the other for overcast and snowy conditions. Both lenses feature Contrast Boosting and Nondistortion technology that delivers an optical experience truly a notch above so many other goggles. These lenses bring an HD quality to the mountain so you can identify specific textures of the snow, pick your next turn with precision, or line up that big hit.

Pop these puppies on your face and you’ll instantly notice something. Well, actually it’s what you don’t notice. Thanks to the Shredwide profile, your eyeballs will have a tough time ever finding the edges of this set. Being able to see more not only boosts your performance, but it also enhances your safety as you’re able to catch that Jerry out of the corner of your eye rocketing towards you with zero control. So you lay down a deep cut to avoid that collision. Not today, Jerry. Even better, this maximized field of vision comes at no cost of comfort as the whole set sits snuggled against your face with zero gaps or awkward pressure points.

A couple additional features of note includes the double silicone-lined strap that keeps your goggles from slipping. Extra precautions have been taken to keep Shred goggles from fogging too. The Noclog treatment helps deter snow and moisture from clogging the vents, which is often a huge issue for some pairs. You can even wear your prescription glasses comfortably thanks to OTG compatibility. Steps have been taken to dial up impact protection as well, which you’ll appreciate if you’ve ever accidently stepped on your goggles in the parking lot or taken a rogue branch to the face during a tight tree run.

Overall Impression

By eliminating flat light and expanding your field of vision, the Shred Rarify Bigshow goggles have earned a place of respect and adoration all over the mountain. Don’t be surprised if it only takes a couple of laps before people are asking you about your pair in the lift line. Dedicated to fusing fashion and functionality, Shred has hit the mark with the Rarify Bigshow ($219.95) and they will undoubtedly continue to do so season after season no matter what snow goggles they roll out. We can claim with confidence that Shred should absolutely be at the top of your list for consideration if you’re in the market to upgrade your winter optical situation.

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