Thunder Hollow Lights Trucks
Unlike a pro, I rarely wear through or break a pair of trucks to the point of replacement. If I invest in a new pair of trucks, it’s because I want a new pair of trucks not because I need them. And that’s why I swapped mine out for a pair of Thunder Hollow Light  [...]
Ricta Park Crusher Review
Accept no imitations! Ladies and gents, the Ricta Park Crusher wheel is the real deal! If you like skating park, transition, rails and ledges on smooth concrete this is the wheel for you. Ricta has created a wider wheel that’s super hard. The wheel has an undercut shape to reduce both weight and bulk. Simply  [...]
Zero Black Widow Bearings
Last week I did a review of the Habitat Sugar Skull Cruiser complete skateboard and I mentioned that the only negative of the board was the bearings. I said that I’d do a review on Bones Red Bearings this week, but I’ve decided to review Zero Black Widow Bearings instead. Bearings are one of the  [...]