Lithuania Tie-Die Basketball Jersey Review

SkullMan Lithuania Tie Die T-shirts

The original “Slam Dunking Skullman” jerseys were created by Greg Spiers, a New York sports artist. Greg Spiers designed this eye catching logo for the Lithuanian basketball team to wear during the 1992 Olympic Games that were held in Barcelona.

The Lithuanian basketball team went on to win the Olympic bronze medal that year. The basketball team wore the iconic jersey created by Greg Spiers when they stepped onto the podium to receive their medals.

The Story Behind the Skullman Jerseys
Greg Spiers was inspired to create this piece of visual art to show the world how freedom affects people. The skeleton rising up from the ashes represents how the Lithuanian basketball team rose up, despite the many hurdles in their path to show the world what free will, determination, and hard work could accomplish.

Another interesting fact regarding the birth of this iconic image was that the artist donated all the proceedings from the sale of the Skullman Lithuania Tie-Die Basketball Jersey towards sponsoring the Lithuanian basketball team in the Olympics.

Lithuanians know about hardship. They lived for decades under the grip of communism and evil. The Cold War was literally cold to them.

The Beauty of Tie Dye
Greg Spiers chose tie dye to create the image on the jerseys as tie dye is a unique art. Tie dye is done by hand and uses vibrant colors to create designs.

Tie Dye is an intricate piece of work where each of the colors is added to the material one by one. So creating just one t-shirt takes time but every t-shirt matters and it will attract a fan base.

That is another reason that makes these t-shirts special. There were a limited number of jerseys and t-shirts made during the Barcelona Olympics. The original Barcelona Skullman jerseys had the Slam Dunking Skeleton on a background of a vivid yellow, pink and grey.

Don’t Miss Out on this Tremendous Opportunity
Now, those who missed out on attaining the original Barcelona Skullman t-shirts have been given a second chance. A whole new series of Skullman t-shirts with the Slam Dunking Skeleton logo is now available.

These Skullman T-shirts have the Slam Dunking Skeleton printed on tie dye t-shirts of myriad, vibrant colors. These are some of the Skullman t-shirts on offer.

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Original Skullman T-shirts
The original Skullman t-shirts are now available in the same colors that the Lithuanian basketball team wore in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

The 2012 Edition of the original Skullman T-shirts are also available on a background of yellow, pink, and green. Do not wear this if you do not want attention. If you want to stand out, this is the t-shirt to wear.

2012 Lithuania Earth Edition
These t-shirts have the Slam Dunking Skeleton on a spiral background of yellow grey, pink, and green. The 2012 Lithuania Earth Edition (oval) has the Slam Dunking Skeleton on an oval tie dye background of green, yellow, grey, and pink.

Lithuania 2008 Black Edition
The Slam Dunking Skeleton stands out dramatically in the black background of this Skullman t-shirt.
The Skullman t-shirts are a tribute to freedom. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to own one.

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