Smith I/OX Goggles Review

Smith IOX 2

The Smith I/OX Goggles take everything about this movement to the extreme and, under most circumstances, outperform my old Dragons. Smith set out to create the buggiest of the buggy goggles and have the largest spherical lens on the market, which creates a field of vision that is like looking out the front window of the Death Star. Even the tiny skier flipping head over heels next to you shows up in these!

Smith I/OX Review

The Smith I/OX Goggle comes with Smith’s Carbonic-X lens which is so crisp I could spot rollovers and divots even through dense fog and is easy to change out for a lighter lens during a snack break.

Thomas Hallberg testing the Smith I/OX goggles

Thomas Hallberg testing the Smith I/OX goggles

Though I try to avoid being a nerd while riding and leave my glasses at home, the I/OX is perfect for those who don’t have that luxury. The large lens and the massive foam membrane create more than enough room for folks with spectacles, except the hipsters with their giant frames.

With the double layer of Porex filter and foam, it is akin to wearing a pillow for goggles and they breathe well enough that to not fog up, which is a bonus when the snow is blowing hard while hiking. Even though the size is a plus for riders with glasses, I am not blessed with a large face, and these goggles swallow my narrow mug. Smith definitely built these with the normal to large adult face in mind.

I fully support creating goggles that breathe well even for people who wear glasses, but the inch of foam between the lens and my face creates a wonderful avenue for wind. At high speeds, particularly on groomers, my face and eyes get freezing in these goggles.

Overall Impression

Overall, I think I am sold on the Smith I/OX Goggle ($230) spherical lens trend, even though my eyes get all teary if it’s too cold outside because, face it, no one should choose their goggles based on how well they do while riding groomers.

Smith I/OX Goggle
4.5 / 5 RATING      

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