Smith Vantage Helmet Men’s – MIPS Review

Smith Vantage Helmet Review

The Smith Vantage Men’s Helmet is light, sleek and aerodynamic. The helmet made a great first impression fitting seamlessly with Smith I/O goggles. This year’s BOA system makes slight adjustments like tightening or loosening the helmet a piece of cake.

The chinstrap and ear covers are really comfortable. And best of all the Vantage has a zippered pocket to drop Skull Candy speakers into that are designed specifically for Smith helmets.

Weighing only 15.5 oz or 440 grams the helmet is extremely lightweight, you soon forget you’re wearing a helmet at all. This is the most comfortable helmet I have ever worn, and I tested a few over the years. But the Smith Vantage takes the prize for comfort, and it looks pretty cool too.

Smith Vantage Helmet Review

The Smith Vantage Helmet comes with a lightweight padded liner that is removable for washing, a great feature if you wear your helmet often. The liner fits back into place with Velcro and is easy to move and adjust. The helmet also has removable ear covers, which is nice when the weather is warm or if you wear a heavy knit hat under your helmet. The ear covers also fit Skull Candy speakers, if you want to tune out the world and listen to music while on the ski hill.

The outer shell of the helmet is made up of lightweight plastic, which is both durable and light. The front of the helmet has a small visor to help the helmet be more aerodynamic and keeps the sun out of your eyes. This visor also helps your goggles sit comfortably on your forehead without a gap between the helmet and your face. The inside of the helmet is made of a Styrofoam composite which helps protect your head when you fall or land hard. The first time I fell while wearing the helmet I was amazed that I did not feel anything after I brushed myself off and assessed the situation.

The BOA dial in the back of the helmet allows the user to tighten and loosen the helmet with ease. Having a helmet that fits properly is very important and can prevent discomfort and possible head injuries.

The Smith Vantage Men’s Helmet is very comfortable and warm. It has protected my head and makes me feel secure while wearing this helmet. The Helmet is sleek, comfortable and offers a great range of motion and vision. The Vantage offers two areas of ventilation, you can fully open both the front and back, you can close them both, have each open halfway or any combination of the two. This keeps you from getting too hot or cold.

The Helmet is sleek and stylish; I have received several comments on this look of this helmet. The matte finish keeps the scuffs and nicks to a minimum and keeps the helmet looking new. The visor offers a clean look and keeps the sun out of your eyes when riding with sunglasses. When skiing with goggles the low profile strap keeps your goggles in place on your helmet.

Overall Impression

This is the best helmet I have ever owned, the Smith Vantage Helmet is lightweight, comfortable, sleek and offers amazing ventilation options. I feel comfortable and safe when wearing this helmet and forget I’m wearing it at the end of the day. So good it made our pick for the best snowboard helmet of the year. I think adding the BOA system for the 2012 model was a great idea and helped make this helmet one of the best on the market.

The Smith Vantage Helmet ($260) fits my head perfectly, everyone’s head is shaped and sized differently and this one happens to be right for me. Its quite possibly the most comfortable snowboard helmet ever made, skiers even rock it too.

Smith Vantage Helmet
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