• Mike Bourcy

    I walked into the demo shop there at Grand Targhee last week and was excited to see a big stack of Insta/Gators. I really wanted to ride one but they wouldn’t let me. I was told that this big stack
    of demo boards sitting in the demo shop is there for employees only. I had cash and was ready to buy one but there’s no way I’ll drop $520 without riding one first. If you want to sell these snowboards you should consider telling the resorts to let people who actually buy them try them out. My money stayed in my wallet.

    • Mike Hardaker

      weird? I will reach out to NS and let them know.

      • Gags

        I would bet those were Tims personal boards he loaned to the shop employee and they weren’t sure they could demo them out. Have the shop manager Brett ask Tim if he can demo those to customers. I bet it would be fine.