• CauseNAffect

    Mike your reviews are solid.

    This is up there on my picks for a new split. I got mountain collective for next season so need a board that can reach out. I’d say I’m 30% steeps and 30% laying down on carves post-steeps 20% tree runs and 20% freestyle. I was looking at the venture zelix, prior Bc / AMF, and the arbor coda split. Curious after having ridden some of these what your top split is with my style in consideration.

    • Mike Hardaker

      Thanks for the feedback, it truly helps on our end. It’s been a while since I was last on a Venture Splitboard. They were planning to send one out for our test, fingers crossed. They have in the past been a bit heavier and burlier more for the big mountain dude riding over rocks and such, they can take a beating and keep on shredding. I like the Arbor Coda overall, I would say its the #1 or #2 splitboard currently available on the market that is well rounded, meaning it can handle all the terrain you mentioned above and some.

      The Prior splits are great at carving, if you can demo one of those vs the Coda it will give you two great choices. Also we are almost done with our splitboard test for 2018 splitboards. So be sure to keep an eye on the site as we talk about next years boards as well.