• Anthony Calabro

    first off thanks for doing a review on this board i cant find anything anywhere on it. 168 is huge for a board and i know this bored is also very wide. That being said i live in the PNW near BC and i am eyeing this broad hard right now as an addition to my quiver. Can you speak to to how well it handles in the resort on groomers and cat tracks? Also i am still having a hard time believing that a 168 will perform nimbly in the trees. Any advice is greatly appreciated thanks so much!

    • cody clark

      Hey Anthony,

      Thanks for reading! As far as your questions,This board will handle better then any other 168 through the trees. With the sidecut radius and the swollowtail esc shape of it, it hoons through the trees, this is coming from riding a season at Jackson, as well as some days at Steamboat(which are widely known for their tree riding). As far as cat tracks go there is no problem.It handles normal. These boards were built to carve. I competed in banked slaloms with it I’ve rode it on ice,hard pack,pow,slush, literally every condition you can imagine and this thing just wants to turn. I’ve literally never had more fun on a snowboard. Not to mention the stompability of this thing. I recently just moved up to bham and will be riding baker with it. Once we get out of low tide your more then welcome to take her for a rip.

      • Anthony Calabro

        i appertiate that! thanks for these words i am going to pull the trigger and i am sure i ill love it.

    • Mike Hardaker

      this is the season to own a Korua!!! Especially if you are in the NW.. Thanks for checking out the site Anthony!