• Jake

    Hey Nathaniel,

    What size boot do you wear? I am a size 11 and am wondering if there will be any toe or heel drag on this board? Right now I ride a Never Summer Prospector 161W (which is like 3 MM narrower on the waist than the Wingman). I do not seem to experience much toe drag on the Prospector board.
    The reason I want to trade in the Prospector for a different ride is because I do not feel that the full-banana-camber is ideal for touring (would also like to know your thoughts on ideal touring-campber??).
    Also I am 6′-3″ and 190 pounds, so I would like a little bit longer board for touring and when I get out to the deep stuff.
    Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated!


    • Nathaniel Murphy

      Jake ,
      I ride size 10 boots and there is no heel drag , I imagine you will be fine, especially if your prospector is narrower. As far as ideal camber , I think full camber w no rocker is ideal, but hybrids are better than full rocker for skinning. What kind of camber profile is your prospector?

      Nathaniel Murphy