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  • Steve

    I’ve been riding a Proto for about 6 weeks now. I’m a bigger guy, so I tend to bend the EVO in half. There is definitely more pop in the Proto. Think of it as an EVO with an SL flex (or an SL with EVO fun).

    Certainly a quiver killer. I normally travel with 2-3 boards. This is the only board I took to CO for a week in March. Never even occurred to me to pack another, never missed any of my other boards. It handles everything from deep pow to east coast “velocity surfaces”. I teach newbies AND hike the backcountry with it. Find one, buy it, sell all those other boards on craigslist.

  • DH

    THANKS FOR THE AWESOME REVIEW!!!!!! I just picked one up today!!!!!! PRAY FOR SNOW!!!!!