• Barrows

    Is it just me, or is this a terrible “review”? Nothing against the board, but I cannot glean anything from this “review” which tells me how it rides?

    How about stability at speed: maybe a good test would be to come blasting out of a steep line straightlining, and then hitting some soft avy debris…

    How ’bout handling in the steeps?

    How ’bout float in the deep?

    How ’bout discussing how it performs in long, short and medium radius turns at different speeds?

    How ’bout discussing how smoothly it transitions from arc to smear and back during a turn?

    How ’bout discussing how it handles difficult snow conditions, like a breakable crust?

    How ’bout discussing how much edge grip there is, and how easy it is for the rider to make the edges grip, or slide as needed?

    This “review” seems to mostly regurgitate the features mentioned in promotional materials for the board. Perhaps the “reviewer” would be better off testing the board, and writing the review, before reading Never Summer’s marketing blurbs…
    It is “reviews” like this which contribute to the appalling lack of understanding of how snowboards work among even many experienced riders.

    • Mike Hardaker

      When you started getting free boards sent to you then feel free to write some reviews. Thanks for the worthless comment. Take your spam to Freeskiers boards or stay in the NW kook..

      • bobgnarly

        Another “free board” sent out. Another glowing NS review!