Spurcycle Bike Bell Review

Spurcycle Bike Bell Beach Cruiser

Ting, ting, is the sound the Spurcycle Bell makes as it goes down the bike path.  One of the cleanest, long-range bells you will ever hear that easily fits onto the handlebars of your favorite bicycle.

Spurcycle Bike Bell USA Made

Spurcycle Bell Review

Available in 2 sizes to accommodate most handlebar widths the Spurcycle Bell offers a clean design that can be added to just about any bicycle on the market including mtb, road bikes, and even old beach cruisers. The Spurcycle Bell looks beautiful with its stainless steel design but the real reason to buy this bell is for the crisp tones that resonate up to 3 times longer than other bike bells.

USA Made Spurcycle Bike Bell

One of my favorite things to do with the Spurcycle is to ride through a tunnel and hit the bell.  The sounds continue to vibrate throughout the tunnel long after you’ve passed through.

The only hiccup with this bike bell comes in the form of setting it up.  To attach the Spurcycle to your bike you’ll need a  2.5mm hex tool which is not included in the Spurcycle box?

Spurcycle Bike Bell Settup

Once attached the Spurcycle Bike Bell easily stays in place and if anything becomes something you’ll find yourself using more than you really have to.  Again the sound that comes off the Spurcycle is much more harmonic than any dull sounding standard bike bell on the market, think orchestra sounds and you get an idea of what the Spurcycle Bike Bell delivers.

Overall Impression

Spurcycle Bike Bells ($49) are available in 2 colors, Raw of Black DLC (currently sold out).  With a lifetime guarantee, Spurclcye Bike Bells which are made in the USA is surely something you and your family will own for generations to come.

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